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Shots of change

woensdag, juni 21st, 2017

The Favela Do Muquiço in Rio de Janeiro is an area which has it’s own laws. The Bola Pra Frente Institute is situated in the middle of this. This institute aims to keep kids away from drug trafficking through sport and education. A lot of parents in the area still don’t know about the institute and it’s good work. The Shots of Change project tries to make them more aware. Walls with bullet holes were transformed into billboards for the institute, using the holes as marks on a football field.

The billboard that takes the Ramadan into account

woensdag, juni 7th, 2017

As a brand it is always important to pay attention to the wishes of your target group. Halal Fried Chicken, the halal version of KFC in Amsterdam introduced a very special billboard campaign this week. During the Ramadan, it ‘s quite hard for people to see the beautiful tempting pictures of fast food on the streets when they’re not allowed to eat between sunrise and sunset. Halal Fried Chicken decided to help them a little by making a billboard that only shows the picture of the chicken wings at night.

The front of the poster only has the Halal Fried Chicken logo printed on it. The back side contains a mirrored picture of the chicken wings. When the light in the billboard turns on at night, after the sunset, the picture becomes visible. Cool!

The Human Billboard

woensdag, mei 24th, 2017

To criticize the racist rhetoric of the French extreme right party Le Front National, le CRAN (the French anti-racism organization Le Conseil Representatif des Associations Noires) created a billboard like no other. To show what it does to a person when words are not just words when they’re filled with hate, a man got covered in tattooed insults, like “esclave” (slave), macaque (monkey) and racaille (scum), He walked around Paris to show people that these kind of racist insults leave scars that will never dissapear.

As an addition, a  special website was made with testimonials from victims. The “human billboard” asked people on the streets to visit this website. The stunt even provoked a reaction from the vice-president of the Front National.

Bulletproof Poster

dinsdag, mei 2nd, 2017

Simple, but powerful. That is the best way to describe this new campaign by ASR, Americans for Responsible Solutions. This nonprofit organization designed the bulletproof poster, which has texts like “In case of gunfire hide behind this poster.” and “This poster stops bullets because our gun laws don’t.” written on it.  The message the organization want aims to tell is that every gun sale should require a strict background check of the buyer. This way, a gun doesn’t get in the wrong hands. At the moment, this check only happens when the gun is purchased from a licensed dealer. This way, these existing laws aren’t strong enough to protect the people.

This Toyota billboard cleans the air

vrijdag, april 14th, 2017

Normally, a billboard only tells you about brands. Toyota took the phrase “Show, don’t tell” quite literally, and introduced Eco-Billboard to promote the new Hydrogen-fueled Toyota Miray. These billboards, a total of 37 of them can be found around Los Angeles and San Fransisco, clean the air around them by breaking down nitrogen dioxide. The special coat of a layer of titanium doxide works like an air purifier and this reduces the amount of smog around the billboard. These billboards emphasize the fact that the Toyota Mirai’s “only emmision is water”.

Toyota Eco Billboard

Sex sells tennis

zondag, april 2nd, 2017

A Dutch tennis club in Diemen launched a very interesting billboard campaign. With texts like “I love hard balls”, “I like to do it with four people”, “I still do it three times a week” and “I have my peak every tuesday evening”, the club tries to attract new members. Sex sells!

The most important question is: did these models knew what they were signing up for?

Tennis ad


McDonalds – NY street art in Holland

zondag, maart 12th, 2017

To promote the new burger New York Bagel Surpreme, McDonalds decided to bring the real NY street-feel to Holland. The brand asked graffiti artists from the world-famous Bushwick Collective to create special pieces for the Dutch streets. The first artwork that has been placed is made by Giz & Ghost: you can find it next to the highway A4. Several artists of the collective will also work on pieces in several McDonalds stores in the Netherlands. The visitors of the stores can see live how the artists work on their special pieces.


McDonalds Bushwick Collective collaborationMcDonalds Bushwick Collective collaborationMcDonalds Bushwick Collective



Live From Tennessee

maandag, februari 20th, 2017

Tennessee is known for having  the most musicians in the world. Very big name artists often show up and perform in the state. The department of Tourist Development of Tennessee organized four live concerts in Tennessee, and broadcasted them live to a billboard in Chicago to organize “the first ever music performance in two cities at the same time” to attract tourists. This way, the people in Chicago could have the real Tennessee-experience.

TN LiveFromTennessee CS-15-HD from VML on Vimeo.

Mountain Dew: Playable Pre-Rolls

woensdag, februari 17th, 2016

Mountain Dew creates playable Pre-rolls in Youtube.