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Adidas: Goal

dinsdag, september 11th, 2018

With only a few days left for the biggest sporting spectacle on the planet, adidas decided to wake up an Indian neighborhood and got them excited about the upcoming World Cup.

Fonddonorov: Bloody Puddles

woensdag, september 5th, 2018

In the center of St. Petersburg, surrounded by historical monuments and tourist attractions, unusual art objects appeared – red puddles with messages in Russian and English about the importance of donating blood regularly. In this way bloody puddles remind saint-petersburgers that in the summer most of a donors leave the city for vacations and hospitals especially need donor blood.

Ultramare: Bad Air Day

maandag, april 23rd, 2018

Bad office air lowers the ability to think with 10%. To prove this point Swedish air filter company Ultramare wanted to sponsor the office in the biggest need of an extra 10% thinking ability – the White House.


woensdag, april 18th, 2018

Most household webcams and security cameras aren’t safe. Hackers can hack the cameras and put the footage online for everyone to see. Uppersafe give you an advice: Hide yourself!

Range Rover Evoque Stunt – Speed Bump

woensdag, januari 10th, 2018

Will legendary Range Rover capability be enough to help the Evoque rise to the occasion when ‘city planners’ install the mother of all speed bumps?

Coca Cola: Gratitude Warms You Up

dinsdag, januari 9th, 2018

When it’s cold at the bus stop, gratitude will warm you up. Find someone around, press “thank you buttons” at the same time and let the cold melt away.

DECATHLON: The Sportable Gift Wrap

dinsdag, januari 2nd, 2018

This Christmas, instead of wishing your loved ones good health for 2018, you can now offer them good health. Thanks to Decathlon. They’ve developed a totally reusable gift wrap. Made out of the same microfiber fabric as their Nabaiji sports towels and a ribbon with the same elastic material as the Domyos resistance band. Merry Christmas and a sportive New Year!

BMW: The Christmas Safety Card

woensdag, december 20th, 2017

Christmas is coming and BMW is giving all their BMW M drivers a Christmas card that shouldn’t be put on the mantelpiece but hung in the car. The microsensor in the card measures driving behavior and reacts with a spoken message (Ho! Ho! Hooo! just like Santa) when the car is driven unsafely. We hope our limited edition Christmas card will help BMW M drivers safely through the winter and beyond.

ForteBank: likes for money

maandag, december 18th, 2017

ForteBank wants to show that they are a progressive, trendy and ready for bold experiments.

Меняем лайки на деньги (English subtitles) from Юлия Романова on Vimeo.

‘The Grand Tour’ Café

dinsdag, december 12th, 2017

A New York City Café is excited for The Grand Tour’s return. Who knew motorized furniture was actually a thing? The Grand Tour launches 8 December only on Prime Video.