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Binggrae: My Straw

dinsdag, oktober 10th, 2017

This campaign was to create edginess and relevance for a national everyday dairy drink, Binggrae Banana Flavored Milk, to the millennial consumers. In order to do so, the brand decided to stretch Banana Flavored Milk’s unique charm with focusing on the straw. By looking beyond its functional role as a drinking tool, INNORED sought to position it as a ‘partner accessory’, offering a unique, fresh look that complements the characteristically shaped container, while tailoring the campaign to engage millennials in an innovative new way.

Breaks matter, and KitKat makes them better.

dinsdag, augustus 29th, 2017

KitKat is a very playful brand, always on the lookout for new opportunities to find new break moments and creating them. They have made poster adverts from wood that transform into chairs, no tools required! In this way, they connect new audiences with their brand. A very successful formula.

kitkatchair1 (1)

Kit Kat Chair Campaign – Print (video) – Creativity Online

The world’s most eligible bachelor can now be found on Tinder

zondag, mei 28th, 2017

Last week a complete country was put on Airbnb, this week a rhino is the newest addition to Tinder. Using popular apps as new advertising platforms is hot.

He is 43 years old, two meters tall and his house is 9.000 square feet. The main character of this advertising-story is Sudan, the last male Northern White Rhino on Earth. Sudan lives in the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya. He is searching for love, and you can help him. Unfortunately, Sudan is not able to mate in a natural way. To help him find love and have kids, research into IVF is needed.

When you meet this “World’s most Eligible Bachelor” on Tinder, Sudan sends you a link to the campaign website were you can donate to the cause.

Sweden has put the entire country on Airbnb

donderdag, mei 25th, 2017

You’ll never have to search on Airbnb anymore if you want to go to Sweden. Why? Because the entire country has been put on Airbnb. Because of the “freedom to roam”, anyone can go to the countryside of Sweden. Everyone is free to hike, camp, swim and pick berries for free. As long as you keep a certain distance to houses and animals, you’re free to go wherever you like.

The video introduces the country as a home, that he shares with 10 million other people. The home includes a very spacious relaxation area (lakes), one hundred thousand tempered infinity pools (more lakes), the terrace (a cliff), custom-design with panoramic floor-to-ceiling views in every direction (the northern lights), and the bathroom, in Swedish minimalistic style (a forest).

The Swear Jar

vrijdag, maart 31st, 2017

Comic Relief decided to turn swearing into something more positive: “turn your bad habits into good deeds”, the charity writes. The Swear Jar app uses Google’s voice recognition and donates automatically 20p to the charity every time you swear. When you open the app, it will record your filthy words for a couple of minutes. The app also includes a “wall of shame”, where you can check how you fare against other users.

Clickbait + Book = Litbaits

zondag, maart 19th, 2017

How to get people to read? On the internet, the answer to this question is often: clickbait, the extremely annoying way to trick people into visiting a specific website using weird titles. These posts often link to websites that don’t include any interesting content and people feel deceived. The Wild Detectives Bookstore wanted to do this in a different way: why not use this same method to get people to read classic books?

The company used clickbait-like titles, like “British guy dies after selfie gone wrong” that are actually plots from classic books (in this case, The Picture of Dorian Gray). The posts link to blogposts that include the entire book.


Renault: Drive the future

woensdag, maart 8th, 2017

Renault took a VR-experience to a whole new level in it’s new campaign. Passengers on a flight got a VR-device through which they saw the future: they saw themselves getting off the plane, walk through the airport, get into the new Renault and have a rollercoaster-ish ride. When they actually got off the plane, exactly the same happened. They’d met the same people as they had seen in the VR-video and found the Renault.

OREO Dunk Challenge: The Drone Dunk

dinsdag, maart 7th, 2017

OREO cookie drones fly against the New York City skyline for this epic, height-defying dunk.

The Setapp Shortcut

vrijdag, februari 24th, 2017

Setapp, the “Netflix for apps”  is a subscription to the 60 best apps for Mac. Setapp promises to make life easier by providing it’s subscribers with the best MacOS apps. The campaign video to introduce this new service is surprisingly focused on technology in a different way. Fishermen on a lake were surprised with a “shortcut”: drones flew to their boats and brought them fish in a basket.

The colorful campaign of Give A Fuller Life

donderdag, februari 23rd, 2017

The organization Give A Fuller life focuses on giving sick children  a better life. To raise money, the organization launched a brilliant and simple online campaign. The website consists of an interactive video about a boy, Max Page, with a heart disease, The interactive video shows that pledging a small amount of money could change a child’s life drastically. The more you pledge, the more the video becomes detailed, colorful and vivid.

give a fuller life campaign