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Banco BBVA Colombia: An ad that took a country´s breath away

woensdag, april 25th, 2018

In 2017 , the Colombian athlete Sofía Gómez, stablished a new apnea world record: 2:45 without breathing. #BBVAConSofía.

BMW: The Christmas Safety Card

woensdag, december 20th, 2017

Christmas is coming and BMW is giving all their BMW M drivers a Christmas card that shouldn’t be put on the mantelpiece but hung in the car. The microsensor in the card measures driving behavior and reacts with a spoken message (Ho! Ho! Hooo! just like Santa) when the car is driven unsafely. We hope our limited edition Christmas card will help BMW M drivers safely through the winter and beyond.

Cap48 – ‘Your ad on my prosthesis’

woensdag, november 8th, 2017

The new campaign of Air Brussels for Cap48, a Belgian organisation that fights for a better integration of people with a handicap.

Singapore Wellness Association: Sideways Growth Charts

maandag, oktober 2nd, 2017

This campaign uses typical growth charts, placed vertically in clinics and schools to measure height – and turns them horizontally to highlight the problem of kids growing sideways. This simple change in orientation draws attention to childhood obesity and its consequences, urging parents to help their children adopt an active lifestyle through SWA’s programs.

Ambient advertisment created by McCann, Singapore for Singapore Wellness Association. Sideways Growth Charts



Heinz and Mad Men

donderdag, maart 16th, 2017

Why think of new ideas when Don Draper (Mad Men) already did this in his fictional job, fifty fictional years ago? He pitched a brilliant ad campaign for Heinz in the television show Mad Men using the tagline: “Pass the Heinz”. Heinz decided that the time has come to use the ad campaign that Draper pitched: the perfect combination of a PR-stunt and some truly strong ads. The brand will use the ads almost exactly as how Don proposed them. Heinz didn’t have the original images used in the television show, so the brand had to recreate the pictures of the fries, steak and burger.


Audi: Untaggable Billboard

dinsdag, januari 10th, 2017

DDB Brussels and AUDI Belgium created an untaggable billboard to launch the AUDI Q2.

Audi Q2- Untaggable billboard from DDB Brussels on Vimeo.

MassiveMusic: Print Ads Sucks

dinsdag, november 22nd, 2016

Music agency MassiveMusic composes and produces music for advertising campaigns and develops music strategies for brands worldwide. They want to bring music together with a brand or campaign. This year they had the opportunity to do their own outdoor campaign. While they had many brainstorming sessions they could easily conclude that music and print ads are a difficult combination. All the ideas were wiped out and a concise message was targeted and placed around media- and creative agencies in Amsterdam.

Schermafbeelding 2016-11-22 om 10.26.40 Schermafbeelding 2016-11-22 om 10.26.56

Onsitego: Broken Wall

woensdag, november 16th, 2016

In the unfortunate event of damage to your mobile screen, Onsitego provides a no-questions-asked replacement guarantee. What better way to dramatize this proposition than by placing posters on surfaces that bear the brunt of actual damage? Bates CHI & Partners, Bangalore, brings alive the promise of replacement guarantee in a compelling fashion.


Jumbo: A Bus Stop Supermarket

maandag, oktober 24th, 2016

Doing purchases while you are waiting on the bus? Well, it is possible until 25 Oktober. Jumbo, a Dutch supermarket, temporary transformed a bus stop in Utrecht in a real supermarket. In the ‘shelves’ stand the most populair daily products. People could scan the products with the Jumbo-app and ad it to their shopping basket. Afterwards, the purchases were delivered.


IRAO: Don’t Drink and Drive

vrijdag, juli 8th, 2016

The Social Campaign of IRAO car insurance services. The concept – “Your car is not your car, when you are drunk.” Don’t Drink & Drive.