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Heineken: Bigger doesn’t mean better!

dinsdag, oktober 10th, 2017

Heineken used some guerrilla tactics in their hometown Amsterdam to promote the small Heineken bottles. In front of “a giant” Samsung Billboard which says “Do bigger things” for Samsung Note 8 Heineken parked “a small” moving billboard which says “or Mini Things”.


Sky TV: Marathron: The “Real” Game of Thrones Marathon

maandag, oktober 9th, 2017

For the launch of Game of Thrones season seven, Sky and M&C Saatchi created the first TV marathon actually run by fans of the award-winning show. A group of marathoners addicted to the TV series crossed Italy behind a moving screen, while watching the first six seasons of the most followed series in the world.

Singapore Wellness Association: Sideways Growth Charts

maandag, oktober 2nd, 2017

This campaign uses typical growth charts, placed vertically in clinics and schools to measure height – and turns them horizontally to highlight the problem of kids growing sideways. This simple change in orientation draws attention to childhood obesity and its consequences, urging parents to help their children adopt an active lifestyle through SWA’s programs.

Ambient advertisment created by McCann, Singapore for Singapore Wellness Association. Sideways Growth Charts



Grolsch Radler billboard

dinsdag, mei 16th, 2017

You not only make the most delicious Grolsch 0.0% Radler Citroen with lemon juice, you can also make a billboard out of lemon juice. For the Grolsch campaign ‘Echt’, Fitzroy Amsterdam conceived the idea of making a billboard out of lemon juice. So together with an artist, Raúl&Rigel made the lemon juice billboard and showed it to the world; cheers!

Mini Crime Scenes in Amsterdam and Rotterdam

maandag, april 24th, 2017

Sometimes the most tiny things catch the attention. launched the new online mini crime-series De Vlucht. To promote this, Raúl & Rigel placed many miniature crime-scenes in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. These included chalk outlines of the corpse, drops of blood and police tape. The campaign was promoted on instagram, and people could share pictures using the hashtage #minicrimescene when they found one of the mini crime scenes.

Mini Crime scene de Vlucht

Mini Crime scene de Vlucht
Mini Crime scene de Vlucht

A Valentine’s Day and birthday surprise for Mark Rutte by Plekk

woensdag, februari 15th, 2017

Raúl&Rigel organized a Valentine’s Day and birthday surprise for the Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte in collaboration with the dating app Plekk. Research by Plekk showed that 27% of the Dutch women think that their prime minister is attractive. Because of the upcoming elections, we projected the text: “Mark, choose with your heart” on his office in The Hague.


Greenchoice: Warmetruiendag

vrijdag, februari 10th, 2017

Today all of the Netherlands is encouraged to turn their thermostat down and wear a sweater, that’s just what we did. By doing this, you are participating in the national Warm Jumper Day and, as a result, are saving a considerable amount of energy and CO2 emissions. Greenchoice is sponsoring this day and through their Facebook channel you could win the coolest sweater ever.. A sweater with a quote of the popular Rotterdam collective Mwoah.

Schermafbeelding 2017-02-10 om 13.26.05

Neo Magazine Royale I America First, Germany Second…

vrijdag, februari 3rd, 2017

Lubach realized it’s better for the Netherlands to get along and decided to introduce his country The Netherlands to Trump. In a way that will probably appeal to Trump the most. This film went viral all over the world. Now Neo Magazine Royale made another parodie America First, Germany Second I One Mission

donderdag, februari 2nd, 2017 challenged their 14,000 employees to document their year of travel in 2016. This is their story.

McDonald’s: Maestro Burger

dinsdag, januari 31st, 2017

Really tasty and good quality food is more than just a taste experience. It is a treat for every fiber in your body. That first bite can be so intensely flavorful that you lose yourself in it. Especially if you are also accompanied by a live orchestra and choir. This happened to the unsuspecting guests of McDonald’s in the Netherlands with the Maestro Burger.