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Ikea: Pet Furniture

woensdag, oktober 11th, 2017

More often than not, homeowners are left sacrificing their interior aesthetic to incorporate pet-friendly furniture, which is why IKEA recently launched the LURVIG pet product range — a new line of gorgeous pet products for cats and dogs that homeowners can display with pride. The collection has started making its way to stores in the US, Canada, France, as well as Japan.

Coca-Cola: Hand-Crafted Billboards

woensdag, oktober 11th, 2017

In the fall of 2017, the iconic Coca-Cola wanted to show its appreciation for, and respect of, the local, the authentic, the community it is a part of. Cue the hand-crafted OOH, knitted and woven over the course of several months by the local ladies whose craft is a work of art, to tease a special Coke & Meals platform that would truly celebrate what we, as a community, hold dear: traditional Serbian cuisine, the unforgettable tastes of our country!

coca-cola_hand-crafted_billboards_1 2


Sky TV: Marathron: The “Real” Game of Thrones Marathon

maandag, oktober 9th, 2017

For the launch of Game of Thrones season seven, Sky and M&C Saatchi created the first TV marathon actually run by fans of the award-winning show. A group of marathoners addicted to the TV series crossed Italy behind a moving screen, while watching the first six seasons of the most followed series in the world.

Skoda: Jump Assist

dinsdag, oktober 3rd, 2017

Front assist is a clever safety feature in ŠKODA cars that automatically stops the vehicle to prevent collisions. To demonstrate its functionality Skoda placed an image of the back of a braking freight truck underneath a bungee jump site in a festival. This way the jumpers could literally experience the sensation of this feature without actually being in real danger. With ŠKODA Jump Assist Skoda managed to stand out amongst the overwhelming amount of festival sponsorships, present ŠKODA as a cool brand amongst youth which was long overdue, and deliver Skoda’s message in a moment that they won’t soon forget.

Ambient advertisment created by Café Communications, Hungary for Skoda

Breaks matter, and KitKat makes them better.

dinsdag, augustus 29th, 2017

KitKat is a very playful brand, always on the lookout for new opportunities to find new break moments and creating them. They have made poster adverts from wood that transform into chairs, no tools required! In this way, they connect new audiences with their brand. A very successful formula.

kitkatchair1 (1)

Kit Kat Chair Campaign – Print (video) – Creativity Online

Tiger Beer: 3890 Project

donderdag, juni 22nd, 2017

97 percent of the tigers have dissapeared and there are more in captivity than in the wild at the moment. WWF and Tiger Beer collaborated to raise awareness of the number of tigers left in the wild: 3890. Six artists in six countries were asked to unveil their new weapon in the fight to save the tiger: art.

Justin McMillan – Tiger Beer ’3890 Project’ Trailer from Goodoil Films on Vimeo.

This art installation makes your reappreciate the gift of sight

woensdag, juni 14th, 2017

Being able to see everything is something you don’t really think about. Until you lose it. To make people reappriciate their sight, The Fred Hollows Foundation, introduced The Gift of Sight: an art installation which is, at first, invisible.

The Fred Hollows foundation helps in restoring sight to people with avoidable blindness. The Gift of Sight installation is invisible to see with the naked eye. The pieces, which are made by 19 street artists, have to be illuminated by a special UV torch in order to see them. The installation was placed at the Vivid Sidney festival.

Fred Hollows Foundation art installation

McDonalds – NY street art in Holland

zondag, maart 12th, 2017

To promote the new burger New York Bagel Surpreme, McDonalds decided to bring the real NY street-feel to Holland. The brand asked graffiti artists from the world-famous Bushwick Collective to create special pieces for the Dutch streets. The first artwork that has been placed is made by Giz & Ghost: you can find it next to the highway A4. Several artists of the collective will also work on pieces in several McDonalds stores in the Netherlands. The visitors of the stores can see live how the artists work on their special pieces.


McDonalds Bushwick Collective collaborationMcDonalds Bushwick Collective collaborationMcDonalds Bushwick Collective



Essent: De Nachtwas

vrijdag, maart 10th, 2017

The Dutch energy provider Essent introduces the same energy price for both day and night. A lot of people still do their laundry at night because they think it saves money. This stunt by Essent shows that the “nightwash” (Nachtwas) is something that belongs to the past, it belongs in a museum. The brand collaborated with graffiti artists to recreate the famous painting De Nachtwacht, but instead of paint they used laundry.


Wall Street: Fearless Girl

donderdag, maart 9th, 2017

Did you know that the famous Charging Bull is a piece of guerrilla art? It was installed without permission in 1989 by the artist Arturo Di Modica in Bowling Green Park in the Financial District in New York. A bull is a symbol of aggressive financial prosperity. The Charging Bull symbolizes the strength of the American people after the stock-market crash in 1987. The New York residents loved it and it was allowed to stay. The artist placed similar bulls in Amsterdam (2012) and Shanghai (2010) as well. This International Women’s day another piece of guerrilla-art has been added: Fearless Girl, made by Kristen Visbak. This bronze sculpture of a young girl across the bull is installed by State Street Corporation. It symbolizes the power of women in leadership and is part of a campaign that aims to emphasize the fact that companies with women in top positions have a better financial performance.