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Burger King I Blank Whopper

donderdag, oktober 4th, 2018

In an attempt to raise awareness of the importance of an informed voting decision (In Brazil where voting is mandatory), BURGER KING launched an irreverent, disruptive campaign: the Blank Whopper. Can you imagine getting a sandwich with just onions and mayo, or just pickles, or with no bread at all? This is a Whopper chosen by someone else – and what customers got after answering their intent to vote Blank in the next presidential election. To stress the effects of the decision, the package spells out the message: “choosing the blank ballot is waiving your right to choose; and when you let someone choose for you, you can’t complain about the results.”

Nissan Benelux – Dumb parking ads

maandag, oktober 1st, 2018

Illegally parked cars are a plague in most cities. You find them on the kerb, too far off the kerb, crosswise with their nose sticking out or flagrantly squatting two parking lots at a time. Some drivers apparently will never learn how to park. That’s why Nissan and TBWA wanted to give these parking perpetrators a helpful signal.

Nissan Benelux – Dumb parking ads from TBWA\Belgium on Vimeo.

Renault I Illuminated Pedestrian

maandag, oktober 1st, 2018

Streetwise guerrilla marketing by Renault. Pedestrians can lend the green pedestrian light to cross the street @ night!

Samsung: the “appel” switch

vrijdag, september 28th, 2018

Dozens of residents of the community called Appel in The Netherlands were surprised last weekend by electronics company Samsung with a free Samsung Galaxy S9, the latest phone device. A marketing stunt with a wink.

Scotch&Soda: The Ralston Drop

donderdag, september 27th, 2018

The Ralston Drop: a fashion event done the Scotch & Soda way. Advertising Agency Fitzroy attached all available washes to high hanging washing lines using remote controlled pegs. Through Instagram, visitors could tag Scotch & Soda in a picture of their desired jeans, and have them fall from the sky. The resulting after movie was used across different social channels to signal Scotch & Soda’s unique position in the fashion world.

Scotch & Soda: The Ralston Drop from Fitzroy Amsterdam on Vimeo.

Verstegen I Vegetables Pop-Up Store

woensdag, september 26th, 2018

Make vegetables that everyone loves! Verstegen opened a Vegetable Pop-Up Store on the Stationsplein in Rotterdam! Vegetables are healthy, but how do you make them tasty and how can you vary with them? With this question, millions of households struggle in the Netherlands. With the delicious and surprising mixes of vegetables from Verstegen, vegetable food becomes a treat!

Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride: The Motorcycle Symphony

woensdag, september 26th, 2018

SuperHeroes created the world’s first motorcycle symphony. It pays tribute to men who have been dealt a tough hand in life. Conducted by Dominic Seldis of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam and created for the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, in Amsterdam organized by Rusty Gold Motorshop.

The Motorcycle Symphony from SuperHeroes | Amsterdam | NY on Vimeo.

Drive Skate Shop: fully-skateable sandwich board

maandag, september 24th, 2018

The Drive Skate Shop in Vancouver has transformed two of the most traditional pieces of retail signage into attention-grabbing outdoor. The shop designed a fully-skateable sandwich board and created posters made from wood veneer to mimic the look of wall ramps. How’s that for fun?




HSBC: World Biggest Welcome Mat

maandag, september 24th, 2018

HSBC Bank Canada and J. Walter Thompson Toronto wanted to showcase the Canadian spirit of inclusivity on a grand scale. The Welcome Mat was designed as a surprise and delight for returning Canadians, newcomers, visitors & international students arriving at one of North America’s busiest airports, Toronto Pearson. As Canada’s leading international bank with a presence in 67 countries and territories, HSBC Bank Canada is proud to be the bank of choice for many newcomers, visitors and long-time residents in Canada alike. Go to to get more inspired!

Green People’s Power: Feel The Gab Soda

zaterdag, september 22nd, 2018

Feel the atmospheric concentration of CO2 through Carbonated water then and now in the free Water Shop of Green People’s Power.