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Coca Cola: Gratitude Warms You Up

dinsdag, januari 9th, 2018

When it’s cold at the bus stop, gratitude will warm you up. Find someone around, press “thank you buttons” at the same time and let the cold melt away.

Audi: Safety Code

maandag, januari 8th, 2018

Research shows that driving while using the phone increases the risk of accidents with 400%. With Safety Code, all websites can help make our roads safer by reminding drivers to put down the phone.

Safety Code is free and can be used by any website. The code tracks the visitors’ GPS position and determines if they are driving. If they are travelling faster than 20 km/h, they’ll need to confirm that they aren’t the driver to continue surfing the website.

Copy Safety Code, implement it in your website’s script and help to make our roads safer.

Copy the code and read mor at

KLM: Connecting Seats

woensdag, december 27th, 2017

Airports are crowded with people from different backgrounds. This Christmas, KLM brought them together with Connecting Seats. Two seats that translate every language in real time, so people with different cultures, world views and languages can understand each other.

BMW: The Christmas Safety Card

woensdag, december 20th, 2017

Christmas is coming and BMW is giving all their BMW M drivers a Christmas card that shouldn’t be put on the mantelpiece but hung in the car. The microsensor in the card measures driving behavior and reacts with a spoken message (Ho! Ho! Hooo! just like Santa) when the car is driven unsafely. We hope our limited edition Christmas card will help BMW M drivers safely through the winter and beyond.

Sports Experts: The Thermal Discount – the more you sweat, the more you get.

woensdag, november 22nd, 2017

A thermal detection device in a crowded Montreal Subway station to reward those who chose the stairs over the escalator. Needless to say things got pretty hot.

VW Polo: Pedestrian Recognition shoot

maandag, oktober 30th, 2017

For the launch of the new Volkswagen Polo, DDB Brussels invented a striking stunt. To prove that pedestrian recognition, standard on the Polo, saves lives, the Polo was equipped with a unique camera. Via a smart webcam, the camera was linked to security technology. Each time the Polo brake off for a pedestrian, the device took a picture. These pictures were used for a national VW Polo campaign in Belgium.

Samsung: #Dobiggerthings

dinsdag, oktober 24th, 2017

Samsung used the power of the new Galaxy Note8 to bring Dublin’s skyline to life. Introducing ‘A Song for the City’. #DoBiggerThings

Volkswagen: Tiguan Allspace

maandag, oktober 23rd, 2017

The new Tiguan Allspace is an extra spacious version of the successful Volkswagen Tiguan. To make this extra space visible and dramatized, Volkswagen has a Tiguan equipped with two floating passengers behind the car. The stunt was performed in several places in the Netherlands on one day. With hidden cameras, the public’s reactions were recorded.

Vodafone: Virtual swimming with white sharks

maandag, oktober 23rd, 2017

You can also experience virtual reality underwater… swimming between white sharks in the Amsterdam Marnix swimming pool. The VR presentation with images from the South African waters was organized by Vodafone, which wanted to show the possibilities of underwater VR. No sinecure, because the signal streamed to the VR glasses can only take a very small distance in the water.

Pantene: The Hair Falling Billboard

dinsdag, oktober 17th, 2017

Bangkok is ranked number 1 in worst traffic congestion in the world. Pollution damages the skin but also the hair what a lot of people don’t know. To address that, Pantene created a giant spectacular with hair…