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The Social Board Game

zondag, april 23rd, 2017

This video from Observatoire des Inégalités is created with the upcoming French elections in mind. It shows the social inequalities in the country. French kids get to play a game of Monopoly, but with a different set of rules. Some kids start with an advantage: they receive more starting money and a couple of streets and houses. The girls get less money than the boys, one boy gets to play with a set of dices that only has the number one on them. One boy has a card which makes sure that he doesn’t go go prison. The kids’ reactions shows how unfair these unequalities are. Observatoire des inégalités wanted to show that social inequality divides the French society, and it’s time to change the rules of the game in the upcoming elections.


dinsdag, april 18th, 2017

Monsters are people too. That’s what this brilliant Spectrum ad shows. A group of friends consisting of a mummy (with Dracula-ish accent), a werewolf, a mad scientist and the Grim Reaper meet each other in the train. The contrast between these characters (including amazing costumes) and the everyday setting causes a hilarious effect. The characters have everyday conversations and whine about “the kids”. What they’re going to do this weekend? The werewolf is going to have some howling “me-time”, the mummy will be summoning the apocalyps and his twins have soccer. The mad scientist tells casually that he is still working on his death ray. The Grim Reaper stares at his phone, sighs and says tat his kids are going bananas because the satellite dish went out in the rain. Again. They wonder how companies can something that doesn’t work in the rain.

“I work every day, rain or shine, harvesting souls!” – The Grim Reaper.

The best part of this commercial is the very subtle but brilliant connection between the product and the characters. How? Simply by stating that tv that cuts out in the rain is evil.

Homeless Bed Collection

zondag, april 9th, 2017

Homelessness in Japan is a big issue. To raise awareness of this problem, Oglivy & Mather created the Homeless Bed Collection for the Japanese furniture megastore Megamax in collaboration with Moyai, the Japanese association for the homeless. They asked Japanese artists to recreate the streets of Tokyo in their bed designs. These designs, including asphalt, dirt and trash, recreate the bad conditions where the Japanese homeless sleep in every night.

Homeless bed collection Homeless bed collection Homeless bed collection

Harlequin shows what it’s like to date like in a romance novel

zaterdag, april 8th, 2017

Ever wondered what it is like to date a viking or a cowboy? The Canadian romance novel publisher Harlequin showed visitors of a restaurant and a bowling alley what it’s like to date like in a romance novel. Their evening is filmed with hidden cameras to capture the surprised reactions of other people.

In the first video, a couple consisitg of a regular women and a giant viking walk into a bowling alley. Best part: when he tries to throw the bowling ball.

In the next video the fantasy date is with a cowboy in a fancy restaurant. Their ride? A horse, ofcourse. It’s fun to see how Harlequin shows it’s core brand experience in this provocative way.

Microsoft: #makewhatsnext

dinsdag, maart 28th, 2017

With the new #makewhatsnext campaign, Microsoft encourages girls to think of a carreer in science, technology, enigineering or math (STEM). Microsoft uses VR in this ad to show girls their potential. At the moment, only 6.7% of women graduate with a STEM degree. When more women would go for this, we double the potential for innovation: the world’s biggest problems can be solved with the help of women.


Putting microwaves in their place

dinsdag, maart 14th, 2017

A few years ago, Moe’s Southwest Grill already showed that microwaves pretty much ruin everything. This year, the restaurant takes it one step further: by putting microwaves in their place. How? By dropping it from a helicopter.

Oh, and they don’t like freezers either, so why not blow one up? Fun fact: eight microwaves and two freezers were sacrificed when shooting the commercial.

Renault: Drive the future

woensdag, maart 8th, 2017

Renault took a VR-experience to a whole new level in it’s new campaign. Passengers on a flight got a VR-device through which they saw the future: they saw themselves getting off the plane, walk through the airport, get into the new Renault and have a rollercoaster-ish ride. When they actually got off the plane, exactly the same happened. They’d met the same people as they had seen in the VR-video and found the Renault.

An unexpected delivery service

vrijdag, maart 3rd, 2017

The Fairtrade Foundation made a statement by this new campaign focused on farms in developing countries. People on the farms are ripped off. They don’t earn enough to support their families. To earn more, children are forced to work as well, instead of going to school. When you buy fruit or vegetables, you could unconsciously be a part of exploitation. This campaign tries to raise awareness of these problems. It shows that it is important to be aware where your food comes from.



dinsdag, februari 28th, 2017

This new ad by the German supermarket Edeka went viral last week. The daring video about a boy who dreams about flying is based on the story of Icarus. Tragically, he can’t do this because of his unhealthy lifestyle. The video got a a lot of mixed reactions on social media. People use the hashtag #issso to give their opinion: does the video promote healthy eating or is it more about fat-shaming?


Some people just made fun of it:

The political message of Diesel: Make Love Not Walls

vrijdag, februari 17th, 2017

On Valentine’s Day Diesel launched a new campaign: Make Love Not Walls as a reaction to Trump’s plan of building a wall between Mexico and the US. The video is shot by artist and photographer David LaChapelle, who is well known for his controversial Diesel campaign in 1995, featuring a kissing gay couple. The images speak for themselves: spread the love, everyone is equal.