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Ultramare: Bad Air Day

maandag, april 23rd, 2018

Bad office air lowers the ability to think with 10%. To prove this point Swedish air filter company Ultramare wanted to sponsor the office in the biggest need of an extra 10% thinking ability – the White House.


woensdag, april 18th, 2018

Most household webcams and security cameras aren’t safe. Hackers can hack the cameras and put the footage online for everyone to see. Uppersafe give you an advice: Hide yourself!

Burger King: The Little Girl

dinsdag, april 17th, 2018

This father helps his daughter to get a good grade in school so they can treat themselves with the new Burger King – cool king box.

McDonald’s: The Big Mac Percent

maandag, maart 19th, 2018

Women have overcome many obstacles within the workplace, but unfortunately, gender inequality persists. A recent study in Puerto Rico shows that only 15% of women achieve a leadership role in their workplace.
To create awareness about gender inequality on Women’s Day, we used our beloved Big Mac to send a powerful message, by giving men their burgers with only 15% of the portion.

Opel: Jade

dinsdag, maart 13th, 2018

Only 4% of car sales consultant are women. To create more diversity in the showroom and to inspire women to consider a career as a sales consultant at Opel, Opel started an experimental campaign.

The Chaeli Campaign: Bet Chaeli Can’t

donderdag, maart 8th, 2018

Chaeli is going to ride a horse five days. Bet she can’t do it? She wants you to. The more you bet, the more money she can raise for kids with disabilities.

Audi: The Backseat Driver Experience

dinsdag, februari 20th, 2018

All research shows that women are better drivers than men. They cause less traffic accidents and less traffic offenses. Despite the fact, there’s an image that women are bad drivers and a majority are therefore forced to listen to men acting like backseat drivers. They are giving annoying and irritating comments on how to drive. To help out, Audi Sweden created The Backseat Driver Experience – a GPS that women could use to let all men have a taste of their own medicine. By activating the app, the GPS analyzed the drivers’ actions and played all kind of annoying comments connected to them. Just like a typical male backseat driver.

Audi – Backseat Driver from Ourwork on Vimeo.

Intuit: Super Bowl Commercial | Giant Skip Ad

donderdag, februari 8th, 2018

Intuit Giants harness the power of TurboTax and QuickBooks to save you time and money, so you can get back to the things that matter most.

Prohibition: The World’s First Spliff-Sniffing Billboard

maandag, februari 5th, 2018

Prohibition placed an interactive billboard in Canada’s capital that detected nearby marijuana smoke.

Quebec city magic festival: The Mind Reading Billboard

donderdag, februari 1st, 2018

This billboard isn’t your typical billboard. With eye tracking technology this billboard can read your mind!