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MassiveMusic: Print Ads Sucks

dinsdag, november 22nd, 2016

Music agency MassiveMusic composes and produces music for advertising campaigns and develops music strategies for brands worldwide. They want to bring music together with a brand or campaign. This year they had the opportunity to do their own outdoor campaign. While they had many brainstorming sessions they could easily conclude that music and print ads are a difficult combination. All the ideas were wiped out and a concise message was targeted and placed around media- and creative agencies in Amsterdam.

Schermafbeelding 2016-11-22 om 10.26.40 Schermafbeelding 2016-11-22 om 10.26.56

Play-doh: The Limitations Of Digital Gadgets

vrijdag, januari 15th, 2016

Play-Doh has unveiled a series of cheeky ads that shows how the old-school toy does not require loading time, internet or charging.

playdoh blog

No one wants to see this

dinsdag, maart 17th, 2015

Colon Cancer is the second most deadly cancer, but, detected early, it’s also one of the most treatable. To raise awareness for colon cancer created Advertising agency FCB Chicago a series of cheeky bus ads for Meredith’s Miracles Colon Cancer Foundation. The ads were placed on the back of bus seats—showing images of ass cracks with the caption, “No one wants to see this except for your doctor”.


Real Men in Underwear Ads

donderdag, oktober 3rd, 2013

Men in advertising ads for underwear always look perfectly sculpted… For this Jenny Francis, along with The Sun, wanted to make a provocation. Resulting in some of the most hilarious pictures I’ve seen recently. real-men-in-underwear-ads-1


Guerrilla Marketing | Lego and Minibreaks

zondag, april 1st, 2012

Hoe wil je opvallen tussen de grote? Juist door de kleintjes! Lego opent binnenkort haar eerste hotel. Onder het motto #Legoandminibreaks werden deze reclameborden geplaatst.