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Ikea: Pet Furniture

woensdag, oktober 11th, 2017

More often than not, homeowners are left sacrificing their interior aesthetic to incorporate pet-friendly furniture, which is why IKEA recently launched the LURVIG pet product range — a new line of gorgeous pet products for cats and dogs that homeowners can display with pride. The collection has started making its way to stores in the US, Canada, France, as well as Japan.

Ikea: Allen the Peregrine

maandag, oktober 2nd, 2017

IKEA was launching a brand new store in Sheffield. As gift to the steel city, in collaboration with local artist Jason Heppenstall, Ikea has brought to life Sheffield’s most famous falcon with a little help from an icon of Ikea. Meet Allen the Peregrine, a 7-metre wide falcon made from over 17,000 IKEA allen keys. The majestic creation stands proudly in Sheaf Square, just outside Sheffield’s main station as a joint symbol of the town and the new store.

Ambient advertisment created by Mother, United Kingdom for IKEA, within the category: House, Garden.Ikea 3

Leo Francis


McDonald’s: Maestro Burger

dinsdag, januari 31st, 2017

Really tasty and good quality food is more than just a taste experience. It is a treat for every fiber in your body. That first bite can be so intensely flavorful that you lose yourself in it. Especially if you are also accompanied by a live orchestra and choir. This happened to the unsuspecting guests of McDonald’s in the Netherlands with the Maestro Burger.

Fly 360: “The Wall”

dinsdag, januari 31st, 2017

An Aussie-inspired ad satirizing Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump, along with his controversial if not ridiculously impractical promise to build a US-Mexico border wall, has been banned from major television networks across America. The ad asks viewers to “get a broader perspective,” as it launches its 360fly 4k camera, a single-lens camera that captures seamless 360 degree video. The ad is set during the fictional future press unveiling of President Trump’s massive border wall, and shows the 360 degree camera perspective of Mexican mariachi band members and chamber maids tunnelling underneath while Trump brags on unaware. The ad is the brainchild of Australian-born 360fly CEO Peter Adderton. It has been banned from major American networks ABC, NBC, and CBS.

The Netherlands welcomes Trump in his own words

woensdag, januari 25th, 2017

The whole world watched the inauguration of the 45th president of the United States: Donald J. Trump. Lubach realized it’s better for the Netherlands to get along and decided to introduce his country The Netherlands to Trump. In a way that will probably appeal to Trump the most.

Amnesty International: Child Soldier School Bus

dinsdag, januari 24th, 2017

This is a promotional school bus that demonstrated the reality of child soldiers. It drove around in major cities in the United States to raise awareness on the issue. Immagine

Dirk van den Broek: Floating Market

vrijdag, augustus 21st, 2015

Inspired by the floating markets in South-East Asia, Dutch Supermarket Dirk van den Broek opened the first floating market in Amsterdam during SAIL Amsterdam, a quinquennial maritime event in Amsterdam. Visitors of the festival could do their shopping for free!

Concept: XXS
Production Agency: Raúl&Rigel

Guerrilla I Search for the golden envelope

zondag, oktober 21st, 2012

Sandd delivered in Holland already 6.000.000 parcels this year, a record! To celebrate Sandd is travelling around Holland with a special Sandd bus completely filled with envelopes. There are some golden envelopes hidden with prizes. Everybody gets a minute to search for a golden envelope…and win great prizes.

Guerrilla I Happiness Table

zondag, oktober 7th, 2012

A Coca-Cola delivery truck was transformed into a happiness table in a small square in Naples. Famous chef Simone Rugiati was on a mission asking people to eat together delivering “doses” of happiness through a magic food cloche.

Let’s Eat Together

Guerrilla I Contrex the slimming partner

zondag, oktober 7th, 2012

Contrex organised an guerrilla event in Paris on 6th September 2012 where they tried to prove that slimming doesn’t have to be boring.‪What ingredients do you need for that: hunks, fun game and videomapping.