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The Lenz turns everything magenta into a Gorillaz-world

donderdag, april 27th, 2017

A brilliant collaboration between Telekom and Gorrillaz resulted in a very special product: The Lenz. With this app, every object that is coloured magenta turns into digital content. When you scan the colour, you’ll get access to special Gorrillaz content, “a new digital muscial dimension”. Cool!

The Swear Jar

vrijdag, maart 31st, 2017

Comic Relief decided to turn swearing into something more positive: “turn your bad habits into good deeds”, the charity writes. The Swear Jar app uses Google’s voice recognition and donates automatically 20p to the charity every time you swear. When you open the app, it will record your filthy words for a couple of minutes. The app also includes a “wall of shame”, where you can check how you fare against other users.

Jumbo: A Bus Stop Supermarket

maandag, oktober 24th, 2016

Doing purchases while you are waiting on the bus? Well, it is possible until 25 Oktober. Jumbo, a Dutch supermarket, temporary transformed a bus stop in Utrecht in a real supermarket. In the ‘shelves’ stand the most populair daily products. People could scan the products with the Jumbo-app and ad it to their shopping basket. Afterwards, the purchases were delivered.


Pepsi: Pepsimoji

vrijdag, mei 6th, 2016

Pepsi’s latest campaign, ‘Say It With Pepsi’, aims to unite all cola drink lovers using the most universal language in the world: emojis. The ‘Pepsimoji’ set consists of 600 emojis, and is available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The Pepsimoji campaign has already rolled out in Australia, Canada, and India, to name a few, and is expected to be launched worldwide throughout the year.



LetGo: It’s Really Time To Let Go

dinsdag, oktober 27th, 2015

Can’t let go? Just Snap. Post. Chat. Sell. with the app because it’s really time to let go.

KOS: Move To Unlock

woensdag, april 29th, 2015

Germans are moving less and less and spending more time on their smartphone. Kingdom of sports wants to change this with the Move To Unlock app.

Pedigree & Google: Found

vrijdag, april 17th, 2015

Dogs follow their noses – and sometimes that can lead them astray. But luckily, there’s Found, the real time lost dog app. Now if your dog goes missing, you can send out an instant online alert to everyone in the nearby area via Google’s digital ad network, for free. All thanks to Pedigree and Google.

P. Ink: Inkspiration App Case Study

donderdag, april 9th, 2015

Breast cancer survivors are often told they have two post-mastectomy options: reconstruction or not. But the under-the-radar practice of scar-coverage tattoos can be a transformative form of healing. Since the decision to get inked is very personal, CP+B created the Inkspiration app to help survivors.

Popeyes: Redstick Staredown

woensdag, april 8th, 2015

It takes patience to wait for the perfect chili pepper. Popeyes launched a new app designed for a restaurant which is testing the patience of his fans with the staring app.

Awesome Redesigned Busses That are Like Coffee Shops on Wheels

woensdag, maart 25th, 2015

Focusing on comfort and productivity, the project is a complete redesign of a standard city bus, and is commonly described as being a cross between a living room and a coffee shop. The redesigned bus features upgraded bus seating options, including a conversation nook and a laptop bar to allow passengers to get started on their work. There are plenty of USB charger outlets and Wi-Fi is free.