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Audi: Untaggable Billboard

dinsdag, januari 10th, 2017

DDB Brussels and AUDI Belgium created an untaggable billboard to launch the AUDI Q2.

Audi Q2- Untaggable billboard from DDB Brussels on Vimeo.

Audi: Catch the Unseen

maandag, maart 7th, 2016

Today we tend to take the same pictures of the same objects from the same places. Audi wanted to challenge this and at the same time promote quattro, their powerful four-wheel drive. That’s why they created Catch the Unseen. A first of its kind photo competition where people were challenged to take the photo furthest away from any other photo.

By connecting a custom made algorithm to Instagram, Audi were able to collect the metadata and map all the geo tagged Instagram photos that’s ever been shot. By uploading a photo with #CatchTheUnseen and @AudiSweden, the algorithm could find the nearest geotagged photo and reveal the distance to it. The winner was the one with the furthest distance.

Audi: The Number 10

donderdag, februari 25th, 2016

To help an Omani boy to progress his footballing dreams, 22 Audi Q7’s overcame treacherous roads to give him an extraordinary football experience – one that every football fan will relate to. With #AudiChallengesArabia, Audi invited people to submit a challenge to push the limits of Audi. This film shows one of the challenges they completed.

Nothing But Hot Air

dinsdag, maart 24th, 2015

To promote Audi’s h-tron engine technology — in which only water vapor comes out of the exhaust of its electric cars — German agency Thjnk came up with the idea of “disappearing” billboards, projecting the message, and the image of the car, into nothing but steam. The outdoor stunt was carried out at night, in busy areas of large cities.

New Media Guerrilla I Audi R8 LMS Led Fan Messenger

maandag, mei 7th, 2012

Audi Duitsland  ontwikkkelde de “fan messenger”, via dit “guerrilla” medium konden fans van de AUDI R8 LMS tijdens de 24 uur van de Nurberg Ring via licht boodschappen facebook posts projecteren, deze waren vervolgens alleen zichtbaar met lange sluitertijd foto’s…cool!


Guerrilla Marketing | Audi vs. BMW the battle continuous

zaterdag, februari 4th, 2012

Het begon allemaal met het kleine billboard links onderin. BMW plaatste hier het billboard ‘Checkmate’ naast. Na ‘BMW’s ‘Checkmate‘, Audi bought an even bigger billboard where it said ‘Your pawn is no match for our King‘ showing the Audi R8. Maar BMW slaat (weer) terug… En brengt ‘the battle’ letterlijk naar een hoger niveau in de vorm van een kleine zeppelin, met daarop de woorden ‘Game Over’. De foto spreekt voor zich… What’s next?