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Pantene: The Hair Falling Billboard

dinsdag, oktober 17th, 2017

Bangkok is ranked number 1 in worst traffic congestion in the world. Pollution damages the skin but also the hair what a lot of people don’t know. To address that, Pantene created a giant spectacular with hair…

Unusual Football Fields in Bangkok

vrijdag, juni 9th, 2017

The Khlong Toei area in Bangkok has no space left for kids to play. Football is the most popular sport in Thailand and AP THAILAND, a real estate developer, decided that it was time to create spaces for kids to do what they love most. The Unusual Footbal Field Project created non-rectangular football fields in spaces that were useless in Khlong Toei

Optic Square: Light Adaptive Poster

dinsdag, mei 13th, 2014

Ad Agency BBDO Bangkok has come up with an effective and clever way to promote Optic Square’s line of light adaptive lenses. The agency created a series of posters that could adapt and respond to sunlight. When exposed, the seemingly normal eyeglasses on the posters would automatically turn into sunglasses—demonstrating the benefit of the lenses. Check out the simple idea in the video below: