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Coca-Cola: Hand-Crafted Billboards

woensdag, oktober 11th, 2017

In the fall of 2017, the iconic Coca-Cola wanted to show its appreciation for, and respect of, the local, the authentic, the community it is a part of. Cue the hand-crafted OOH, knitted and woven over the course of several months by the local ladies whose craft is a work of art, to tease a special Coke & Meals platform that would truly celebrate what we, as a community, hold dear: traditional Serbian cuisine, the unforgettable tastes of our country!

coca-cola_hand-crafted_billboards_1 2


The billboard that takes the Ramadan into account

woensdag, juni 7th, 2017

As a brand it is always important to pay attention to the wishes of your target group. Halal Fried Chicken, the halal version of KFC in Amsterdam introduced a very special billboard campaign this week. During the Ramadan, it ‘s quite hard for people to see the beautiful tempting pictures of fast food on the streets when they’re not allowed to eat between sunrise and sunset. Halal Fried Chicken decided to help them a little by making a billboard that only shows the picture of the chicken wings at night.

The front of the poster only has the Halal Fried Chicken logo printed on it. The back side contains a mirrored picture of the chicken wings. When the light in the billboard turns on at night, after the sunset, the picture becomes visible. Cool!

The Flag Refill

donderdag, juni 1st, 2017

The red color in the Colombian flag historically stands for “the blood in which we are willing to drown our enemies, before our surrender”. But today, Colombia is at peace with the enemies. That’s why McCann Colombia decided that the red colour needed a new meaning: to donate blood instead of spilling it.

The country’s tallest building normally shows the Colombian flag. The red color was removed, and replaced with a count of the amount of blood that was donated to the red cross in hospitals so it can save lives.

Grolsch Radler billboard

dinsdag, mei 16th, 2017

You not only make the most delicious Grolsch 0.0% Radler Citroen with lemon juice, you can also make a billboard out of lemon juice. For the Grolsch campaign ‘Echt’, Fitzroy Amsterdam conceived the idea of making a billboard out of lemon juice. So together with an artist, Raúl&Rigel made the lemon juice billboard and showed it to the world; cheers!

This Toyota billboard cleans the air

vrijdag, april 14th, 2017

Normally, a billboard only tells you about brands. Toyota took the phrase “Show, don’t tell” quite literally, and introduced Eco-Billboard to promote the new Hydrogen-fueled Toyota Miray. These billboards, a total of 37 of them can be found around Los Angeles and San Fransisco, clean the air around them by breaking down nitrogen dioxide. The special coat of a layer of titanium doxide works like an air purifier and this reduces the amount of smog around the billboard. These billboards emphasize the fact that the Toyota Mirai’s “only emmision is water”.

Toyota Eco Billboard

Sex sells tennis

zondag, april 2nd, 2017

A Dutch tennis club in Diemen launched a very interesting billboard campaign. With texts like “I love hard balls”, “I like to do it with four people”, “I still do it three times a week” and “I have my peak every tuesday evening”, the club tries to attract new members. Sex sells!

The most important question is: did these models knew what they were signing up for?

Tennis ad


Head turning billboard by Mazda

zaterdag, februari 18th, 2017

When you see something pretty, interesting or striking, you turn your head. To introduce the new Mazda MX5-RF, the brand used a billboard that counted how many people have turned their head when they saw it. They used a video wall and a hidden camera with face recognition technology to make this innovative billboard in Canada.

Lost Dog’s Home: Play fetch

donderdag, januari 5th, 2017

GPY&R Melbourne and JCDecaux have developed a new interactive billboard for The Lost Dogs’ Home that allows commuters waiting for a train to ‘play fetch’ with an energetic virtual pooch.

Essent: The dancing Mupi

woensdag, november 23rd, 2016

The dancing Mupi was the beginning of the House Party-campaign of Essent. Essent is an energy company and wanted to share their temporary benefits. With the dancing Mupi the party mood was immediately started.

BMW: Moving Billboard

dinsdag, november 8th, 2016

The winter is coming and that means when you are driving your braking distance is much longer, especially with summer tyres. With a moving billboard BMW showed the difference between winter and summer with summer tyres. I think the message is clear. It is time to change your summer tyres.