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Audi: Untaggable Billboard

dinsdag, januari 10th, 2017

DDB Brussels and AUDI Belgium created an untaggable billboard to launch the AUDI Q2.

Audi Q2- Untaggable billboard from DDB Brussels on Vimeo.

Hansaplast: Turning Tears Into Smiles

dinsdag, augustus 16th, 2016

Falling down is part of growing up. This campaign is about sharing plaster stories, parenting strategies and ways to help children feel better after a fall. Plus it’s a chance to discuss and celebrate the freedom that outdoor play gives our children.

PlayStation: Face Adventure

donderdag, mei 26th, 2016

The release on May 10th of the adventure game “Uncharted 4: A thief’s end” was met not only with clenched buttocks, but also with a thunderous heart rate which rattled the Richter scale. At least for those daredevils who wanted to win a free game.

Reporters Without Borders: Singing Dictators

vrijdag, mei 20th, 2016

This year, Reporters Without Borders Belgium is celebrating its 20th anniversary. For 20 years, reporters have been risking their lives fighting for freedom of information in modern day dictatorships such as Syria, Iran, Russia, China, Zimbabwe and North Korea. To ‘celebrate’, advertising agency Publicis Brussels created a mashup video that shows dictators Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-Un, Recep Erdogan, Bashar Al-Assad, Robert Mugabe and others singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Reporters Without Borders. These dictators are some of the worst offenders against freedom of speech and information, and without them, there would be no need to fight and die for press freedom. Without them, Reporters Without Borders wouldn’t be celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Amnesty International: Baby Bride

maandag, april 25th, 2016

In Burkina Faso very young girls are forced to marry much older men. After the marriage they are used as slaves and their lives stop, literally and figuratively. Most of these young girls are raped after which they die due to complications during their pregnancy. Amnesty wanted to put pressure on the Burkina Faso government, through a petition, to stop these medieval practices. This resulted in a compelling visual that shows the birth of a young girl in Burkina Faso, already wearing her wedding veil. The visual appeared as a print and on social media.



Molenbeek: Found in Molenbeek

maandag, maart 14th, 2016

Molenbeek has had a rough year. The whole world suddenly knows where it is. And yet nobody wants to visit. Publicis Brussels felt sorry for their neighbours. Because despite all the problems, Molenbeek has many positive points and great places. To boost businesses and bring people back, they launched Found in Molenbeek: an online guide full of places to be. That way, they hope to shine a positive light on Molenbeek in 2016.

Found In Molenbeek from Publicis Brussels on Vimeo. #callbrussels

dinsdag, januari 19th, 2016

There has been a noticeable decline in the number of foreign tourists in the Brussels-Capital Region since the infamous ‘Brussels lockdown’. This decline has serious consequences, particularly for players in the tourist industry. is launching the #CallBrussels campaign in order to reassure tourists and to convince them that Brussels is still a destination of choice.

Thalys: Sound of the City

maandag, januari 4th, 2016

To encourage people to use the train to go and explore nearby cities, Thalys created three interactive billboards. Each billboard represented a city, and each was host to more than 1000 unique sounds from that city.

Ikea: Wireless Bungee Jump

vrijdag, juli 3rd, 2015

What would happen if you would take away the rope of a bungee jump? That’s right, a suicide jump. Unless, the person jumping, would jump into a magnetic field. Commercial by Ikea to promote their wireless charging technology. “Wireless bungee jumping, one day. Wireless charging, today.”

Ikea: Choose Color

vrijdag, april 11th, 2014


IKEA’s latest campaign sees the furniture giant teaming up with DDB Brussels to bring some color and spring cheer to a grey Belgium with the help of special optical illusion billboards. From afar, the billboards appear to be solid colored signs with the IKEA logo and the tagline “Choose color.” When viewers come nearer, outlines of IKEA products from its spring collection magically appear. With spring beckoning, the campaign is a great way to get Belgians in the mood for refurbishing their homes.