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Carlsberg: The Red Hops Experience

dinsdag, oktober 17th, 2017

To celebrate the longest partnership in premiership history, Carlsberg crafted a special beer for Liverpool FC football fans. The hops used to make this beer were affected by the light and sound of Liverpool FC games over the last 25 years.

Carlsberg: If Carlsberg Did Chocolate Bars

woensdag, maart 30th, 2016

What to do with half a tonne of chocolate and some ice cold Carlsberg? Carlsberg introduces: “#‎IfCarlsbergDid chocolate bars”. They unwrapped the foil to unveil a fully functioning, three-metre-deep pop-up bar, which was specially commissioned ahead of the Easter bank holiday weekend. The bar includes a a handcrafted chocolate dartboard, carefully constructed chocolate bar stools and a bespoke chocolate television screen, showcasing one of England’s greatest World Cup moments. Chocolate sculptor and food artist Prudence Staite designed the bar which took three months to make, check out our video of the bar in action!

Carlsberg: Shopping Trollies

dinsdag, februari 2nd, 2016

Introducing probably the best shopping trolley in the world.

Carlsberg: Beer Beauty

woensdag, januari 6th, 2016

Why using your wife’s shampoo when you can use a beer shampoo? Watch the making of the new Carlsberg beauty series.

Carlsberg: Interactive Beer Tap

vrijdag, januari 30th, 2015

When the bartender taps a beer it sets the “BarBandits” game in motion. A game inspired by the slot machines, or one-armed bandits, you still find in some bars. However, instead of apples and pears, it’s Instagram pictures from participating guests you see spinning on the 3 wheels. When 3 identical photos show up on a row, the guest wins a free beer.

#BarBandits by Carlsberg from Konstellation on Vimeo.

Carlsberg | Rollercoaster

maandag, september 30th, 2013

When Carlsberg asked Buenos Aires based Santo to show the consumer what a rollercoaster ride the Premier League every season is, the agency decided to literally do so. Using a real rollercoaster, fans, commentators, players, linesmen, stewards, referees, and even football wives. The result is quite epic. The advert was filmed near Amsterdam at Walibi Flevo, in the infamous Golitath and took 2 days, nearly 20 cameras, a helicopter, and crew of 120 people.

Golden Oldie Guerrilla | Bikers in cinema

maandag, september 3rd, 2012

Carlsberg stunts in Belgium with 148 bikers in a movie theatre.
Some innocent couples want to take their seat, but the room is filled with not-so- friendly gentlemen… How will they react?