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Products of Tomorrow

donderdag, juni 8th, 2017

A slap in your face, that’s what this campaign by the Nature Conservancy Brazil feels like. This Facebook Store sells products that are necessary in the future. When you place a pre-order, the estimated delivery time can be over 60 years. This campaign is a reaction to the fact that still, a lot of people (and even world leaders) don’t take the climate problem serious.

The three products that are being sold look like regular everyday objects, like sunscreen, water and an apple. But when you take a closer look, you’ll see that these products are not as regular as you thought. The sunscreen has SPF 350+, which could be useful when in 2070, the earth will be 4°C warmer. The apple is made of 3% fruit. By 2080, growing  organic foods will be allmost impossible.  The third product in the webshop is a bottle of “low-acidic rain water”, which will be a luxury product because in 2037 two-thirds of the population will have limited access to potable water.

Products of Tomorrow – The Nature Conservancy from Agência Africa on Vimeo.

Microsoft: #makewhatsnext

dinsdag, maart 28th, 2017

With the new #makewhatsnext campaign, Microsoft encourages girls to think of a carreer in science, technology, enigineering or math (STEM). Microsoft uses VR in this ad to show girls their potential. At the moment, only 6.7% of women graduate with a STEM degree. When more women would go for this, we double the potential for innovation: the world’s biggest problems can be solved with the help of women.


DSM: Solar Park

donderdag, november 3rd, 2016

With big construction boards in three major European cities – Paris, Rotterdam and Basel – DSM, in cooperation with Raúl&Rigel, let people believe that there came a real Solarpark. The campaign #BrightMindsChallenge is launched to let people realize one of the main problems of our time, namely the climate change. We need new invention and we have to do it together. #BrightMindsChallenge #ScienceCanChangeTheWorld

Formula E Car Visits Arctic Ice cap

maandag, september 19th, 2016

2016 is set to be the hottest year on record and more and more sea ice is breaking away from the Artic. The climate change is a fact and it’s only getting worse. To raise awareness for this alarming issue, Formula E joined forces with Julius Baer, Visa, DHL, Schaeffler, The Prince Albert Foundation II and Mumm, to bring a spectacular event to life.  What did they do? They constructed the world first electric racing series and let the race-winning Formula E driver Luca di Grassi drive on the Arctic ice cap. Luca di Grassi performed a series of jaw-dropping runs on the ice cap as you can see in the video below. And for now, fight global warming, drive electric, because the future will be electric!

Greenpeace: White Walker

dinsdag, december 22nd, 2015

North of the wall there is an army of dead, with a skin white as the moon and eyes as blue as the stars. With many they walk towards the Seven Kingdoms, until…

WWF: Global Warming

dinsdag, maart 11th, 2014


WWF in Paraguay wanted to give a practical demonstration of the climatic changes that have affected the country. With fried eggs and porridge prepared on a ground stove with the heat of the sun, chef Rodolfo Angenscheidt offered the “Global Warming Menu” directly on the streets of Asunción. Paraguay’s capital has become one of the hottest cities in the world, a change mainly due to the large deforestation which is still going on.