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Converse: Chuck Hack – Weather

donderdag, maart 3rd, 2016

The Converse brand has long represented a blank canvas for creativity, and the brand-sponsored “Chuck Hacks” provide new inspiration to fuse creativity and technology to provide new product functionality. Converse was tasked to come up with an inspiring yet achievable hack while incorporating a seasonal / weather element. So, they created a 3D-printed translucent Beacon logo that lights up in different ways to provide weather alerts. The beacon itself can either be sewn directly onto the side of a shoe, or attached via a set of snaps that allows it to be removed.

Golden Oldies Guerrilla | Converse

dinsdag, maart 19th, 2013

Birds are flying in the sky, fish are swimming in the water and Converse shoes are hanging in the trees! A bit dusty, but still clear. We found this old movie we made for Converse in 2009!

Street Guerrilla | In case of emergency, break glass

vrijdag, januari 20th, 2012

Teen door je schoenzool? Hondenpoep, aaahhg…  Break glass! Speciaal voor de noodsituaties plaatst Converse de in Case of Emergency (ICE) boxes die verschillende paren Converse bevatten. In Engeland hebben de boxen al verschillende mensen uit noodsituaties gered. Vandaar dat de boxen nu ook in andere landen worden doorgevoerd. Blijf alert, wie weet kom jij de box wel tegen.