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Paramount Pictures: Rings Prank

maandag, januari 30th, 2017

First you watch it, then you die. Watch as hidden cameras capture the reactions of unsuspecting customers when Samara comes for them!

Microsoft: Stockholm Samples

maandag, januari 16th, 2017

What does a city sound like in music? In order to answer that question Microsoft equipped Eirik Røland, a musical composer, with a Surface Pro 4 and asked him to walk around Stockholm while writing down music inspired by what happened around him. By using the Windows 10 application StaffPad, Eirik was able to write down notations with the Surface pen. The handwritten music then automatically converts to a typeset score, able to playback, edit, print and share the work done.

Nivea | Solar Ad Charger

dinsdag, juni 4th, 2013

Though the concept for this campaign is not new anymore, it’s always nice to see brands create something which is relevant to their customers. Especially in Brazil, with its beach culture, the concept can’t be more suiting.

Nike | Football anytime, anywhere

vrijdag, mei 24th, 2013

Nike came up with this great concept in Spain! Imagine not having a soccer field available and this truck shows up and projects you a field anywhere you want. Let’s just hope brands keep pulling off relevant stunts like this in the future.

Coca-Cola | Small World Machines

dinsdag, mei 21st, 2013

This is one of Coca-Cola’s latest happiness project, called Small World Machines. They Connect people from different countries to touch hands and share a Coca-Cola. In this case India & Pakistan.

Heineken | The Negotiation

dinsdag, mei 21st, 2013

Watch what happens when football fans try to convince their ladies to buy stadium seats for the home.

Orphea | Powerfull Billboard

vrijdag, mei 17th, 2013

This billboard was made for Orphea4D Protection, a powerful insecticide spray for exteriors. Because the warm season is coming where bugs and insects are starting to annoy everybody they wanted to show that they are the perfect solution. And they’ve couldn’t prove it better than with this billboard.

WWF: Deforestation of soccer field

maandag, april 8th, 2013

Very cool campaign from WWF Brasil. Together with their agency Grey, they gradually coloured the grass of a football field into a brownish colour during a soccer match between Brasil and Denmark, and thus make people aware in a very effective way of the deforestation that is going on every day.

New Media Guerrilla I Drivemixer

zaterdag, december 15th, 2012

At the auto salon in São Paulo, the new Honda Fit Twist was launched. Not by simply showing the car, but by using it to create music. With a lot of electronic tweeks two DJ’s could use the controls in the car to make their own beats, while driving on a huge record player!

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Guerrilla I Wash Stencils

zondag, november 25th, 2012

Jeep means Off Road, and Off Road means dirty cars. And in Mexico City, a place with 3.5 million vehicles, there’re many with “The Jeep Spirit”, but they don’t know it yet. So why not leaving them a message?

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