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VW Polo: Pedestrian Recognition shoot

maandag, oktober 30th, 2017

For the launch of the new Volkswagen Polo, DDB Brussels invented a striking stunt. To prove that pedestrian recognition, standard on the Polo, saves lives, the Polo was equipped with a unique camera. Via a smart webcam, the camera was linked to security technology. Each time the Polo brake off for a pedestrian, the device took a picture. These pictures were used for a national VW Polo campaign in Belgium.

Pre-roll concerts

maandag, juni 12th, 2017

De Nieuwe Lichting (The New Talents) is a yearly search organized by the radio station Studio Brussels for young new artists. To give the event a head start a very smart content-marketing campaign was used.

Nobody likes the commercials before Youtube video’s and everyone’s released when the five mandatory seconds are over. However, this series of pre-roll video’s is different. DDB Brussels made three 30-second spots of the young artists as a warm-up act to the most popular music videos. These pre-roll videos that fit perfectly to the sound of the video that follows up make you feel like you’re at a real, live concert, watching a supporting program.

Audi: Untaggable Billboard

dinsdag, januari 10th, 2017

DDB Brussels and AUDI Belgium created an untaggable billboard to launch the AUDI Q2.

Audi Q2- Untaggable billboard from DDB Brussels on Vimeo.

Ikea: Choose Color

vrijdag, april 11th, 2014


IKEA’s latest campaign sees the furniture giant teaming up with DDB Brussels to bring some color and spring cheer to a grey Belgium with the help of special optical illusion billboards. From afar, the billboards appear to be solid colored signs with the IKEA logo and the tagline “Choose color.” When viewers come nearer, outlines of IKEA products from its spring collection magically appear. With spring beckoning, the campaign is a great way to get Belgians in the mood for refurbishing their homes.