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People with early onset-dementia tell what they’re going to forget

woensdag, april 19th, 2017

The new campaign by the Flemish Alzheimer League tries to break the taboo about early-onset dementia, which affects around 6.000 people in Flanders. The problem with this type of dementia is that often people get a wrong diagnosis. People with this disease often get misunderstood and prejudiced, they are told that they exaggerate, because “everyone forgets things now and then”.

In the radio documentary six people with early-onset dementia tell their loved ones what they’re going to forget. This is a very special project, because people with early-onset dementia know what their future will look like. They know what is ahead of them, what they are going to miss, and that’s why this radio documentary is so touching and powerful. André (63) for example, tells about the first time he saw his wife. Patriek leaves a message for his grandchild. Through this documentary, their memories will become immortal. This documentary is linked to the website ikbenernog, where people can leave messages to their loved ones.

Burger King: Whopper Blackout

donderdag, juni 23rd, 2016

To honor the memory of people who suffered and raise awareness among the youth about those 15 years of absence that millions of French people had to face between 1997 and 2012, Burger King presents ‘Whopper Blackout’. A shocking documentary that retraces the different steps of this dark period in France history. From the brand’s departure in 1997 to its almost miraculous return to France in 2012, this documentary narrates this period, mixing exclusive archives images and impactful testimonials.

Super-Pharm: Documentary

donderdag, juli 30th, 2015

Israeli agency BBR Saatchi & Saatchi has created an offbeat short documentary to promote the Super-Pharm ‘Life M6’ razorblades. The three-minute online film features 44-year-old Amit, aka ‘Mook’, who has had his beard for 14 years. Amit boldly decides to shave off his beard before revealing his ‘new’ face to shocked family members. With the ‘Life M6’ competing against heavyweight brands such as Gilette, BBR’s Eva Hasson explained on Adweek that a conventional approach would have been ineffective. “We were offering to shoot a documentary, which is not your regular advertising format where things are scripted. This format is a lot riskier, and we warned our client that we may ultimately go through all the motions and end up with nothing. Truth be told, we actually shot three documentaries—only one worked out. This was a gutsy decision by the client, who rolled with us, and so far, the movie has garnered over 430,000 views in under a week.”