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The Swear Jar

vrijdag, maart 31st, 2017

Comic Relief decided to turn swearing into something more positive: “turn your bad habits into good deeds”, the charity writes. The Swear Jar app uses Google’s voice recognition and donates automatically 20p to the charity every time you swear. When you open the app, it will record your filthy words for a couple of minutes. The app also includes a “wall of shame”, where you can check how you fare against other users.

The Rag Bag

woensdag, maart 18th, 2015

Here’s how a simple shopping bag can help you to do something good. By turning it inside out and donating something used, you will extend the life-cycle of that product. On top of that, you might even help someone in need. Rag bag is a simple way to go from just talking about recycling to actually doing it.