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Dove: Skin removal?

woensdag, oktober 11th, 2017

Dove has apologized for a body wash ad that showed a black woman taking off her shirt to reveal a white woman. Many social media users called out the Facebook ad as racially insensitive.

Dove: Heart Monitor

maandag, oktober 3rd, 2016

For the “Real Beauty” campaign of Dove, they conducted an experiment that measured men’s heartbeats as they sat looking at pictures of women on a screen. First, the men saw beautiful models and then, photos of loved ones and family members.Their heartbeats not only rise more with the second set of photos, you can tell from the emotion in their voice how much more meaningful these photos are than those of the models, whom they describe objectively as “cute” or “innocent-looking” but don’t have strong feelings about. In the video you can see the live experiment.

Dove: Choose Beautiful

donderdag, april 9th, 2015

Would you describe yourself as beautiful? In Doves latest film Choose Beautiful, they travel to San Francisco, Shanghai, Delhi, London and Sao Paulo to prove that beauty is a choice – and the power of this choice is in your hands. Which door would you choose? View the results in the video.

Dove’s Beauty Sketches: a deserved hit?

vrijdag, april 26th, 2013

Dove’s new viral is the biggest hit on YouTube apparently. When I first saw it, I found it a bit… too American. What do you all think? Does it deserve to be the new YouTube number 1?

Dove | Slow

woensdag, maart 27th, 2013

Are guys allowed to have great hair? Well, according Dove, there are drawbacks to shiny, lustrous locks. Dove’s latest ad campaign acts as a firm warning to men, showing them exactly what will come of using a women’s shampoo – ultra feminine hair. The satirical ad, a parody of the iconic Pantene television spots, promotes Dove’s Men + Care range.