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Samsung: #Dobiggerthings

dinsdag, oktober 24th, 2017

Samsung used the power of the new Galaxy Note8 to bring Dublin’s skyline to life. Introducing ‘A Song for the City’. #DoBiggerThings

Google: #EveryoneSpeaksFood

donderdag, juli 28th, 2016

Highlighting tasty dishes inspired by dozens of global cultures, artfully prepared by a cadre of 18 acclaimed chefs, the film piques interest in a pop up café featuring menus in multiple languages (necessitating diner’s use of Google Translate), and meals incorporating dishes from cuisines as far flung as Israel, Korea, Italy, Sweden and Ireland.

giffgaff: What is freedom?

donderdag, juni 30th, 2016

Mobile telephone network giffgaff plunged unsuspecting members of the public in a dramatic and immersive street theatre performance featuring an interactive billboard, in London’s Brick Lane, to help them see what it means to be part of the giffgaff.

Samsung: LANdry

donderdag, juni 16th, 2016

Teens spend less time on housework now than ever. So Samsung set up a unique laundromat, featuring the Samsung Galaxy S7 and AddWash washing machine, to see if they could make teenagers look at chores in a new way.

Hungarian Telekom / Budapest Festival Orchestra: The Poster You Can Conduct

vrijdag, maart 4th, 2016

Hungary always has been famous for it’s classical music scene. Although the country still has one of the best classical music concerts in the country, Orchestras are struggling to engage with younger audiences. Hungarian Telekom as a long term sponsor of classical music and Budapest Festival Orchestra assigned Isobar to create a communication that helps to engage new audience and lure them into the concert. Isobar created posters people could conduct. They could give the tempo to the best orchestra in the country. After they played players received a voucher for Budapest Festival Orchestra’s next concert.

Samsung: 10 Minute Vacation

woensdag, november 25th, 2015

Some people didn’t have time for a vacation this year. So Samsung helped them charge their batteries in 10 minutes…

Lenovo / iGNANT | Everyday Mobility

woensdag, oktober 2nd, 2013

Filmmaker and founder of iGNANT blog, Clemens Poloczek, produced an advertisement in collaboration with Beijing computer giant Lenovo for its ‘Yoga IdeaPad’. The ad features a woman going through the daily grind, but all we see of her face is its image reflected on the screen of the ‘Yoga IdeaPad’. The tablet accompanies her to the shower, for meals, and even to bed—perhaps a hint at our dependence on electronics?

Samsung | May the fourth be with you

donderdag, mei 30th, 2013

In honour of May the Fourth, Cheil Canada developed this online viral video to illustrate the Samsung Galaxy S4′s Air View feature. The video was shared via Samsung’s Social Media channels… Where does it end with the possibilities of the new Samsung Galaxy S4?!

A Future Concept | The iWatch

donderdag, maart 7th, 2013

This morning I saw the Apple iWatch on a morning tv show, and it really took my breath away. It seemed like a revolutionary and magical product that is literally five years ahead of any other wearable device… Have a look here and let it take your breath away.