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Grolsch: Awake Your Curiosity Experiment

vrijdag, oktober 6th, 2017

It’s a world of multitasking and efficiency and we’re delighted to be connected 24/7 and load our time with as many activities as possible.

But is it possible that we forgot the one and most important connection of all? Awake is the kind of festival that wants to disconnect people from multitasking and let them reconnect with themselves through cultural activities, such as forest library, cinema under the bridge, of course, live concerts, arts and many others.

As the official sponsor of Awake festival, Grolsch wanted to illustrate how important it is to press pause from time to time and, ultimately, reconnect with ourselves.

Grolch invited people to Awake festival in an unconventional way: through a neuroscience & art Experiment which read people’s brain waves in real time (using neuro headsets) & translates them into visual art.

The Grolsch Awake Experiment repurposed the latest technology to show how beautifully the human brain works when we remove all distractions and focus only on one thing: the music.

DPVAT Insurance: The impossible spot

woensdag, november 30th, 2016

A parking lot with many spots, but all for invalids. Would you park your car at any of those spots? DPVAT Insurance did this experiment to promote the National Traffic Week in Brazil, because the number of traffic accidents is only getting more.

Royal Roads University: Community Bookshelf

dinsdag, november 29th, 2016

Royal Roads made a community bookshelf in a busstop in Vancouver where people could take a book out of the bookshelf. The whole stunt was to make one point clear: You should never stop learning, growing and finding inspiration. Waiting on the bus wasn’t that boring anymore!

Dove: Heart Monitor

maandag, oktober 3rd, 2016

For the “Real Beauty” campaign of Dove, they conducted an experiment that measured men’s heartbeats as they sat looking at pictures of women on a screen. First, the men saw beautiful models and then, photos of loved ones and family members.Their heartbeats not only rise more with the second set of photos, you can tell from the emotion in their voice how much more meaningful these photos are than those of the models, whom they describe objectively as “cute” or “innocent-looking” but don’t have strong feelings about. In the video you can see the live experiment.

Can You Smell the Prejudice?

vrijdag, maart 27th, 2015

A social experiment of Ad Agency TBWA\Hong Kong and AIDS Concern. In first place nobody wants a free coffee from people living with HIV. But how do they react when they explain that HIV can’t be transmitted by daily contact?

Experiment Translation

dinsdag, maart 24th, 2015

This is a video experiment dedicated to promote the newly launched website (in Lithuanian only). The website is a digital “handbook”, full of advices on how all of us can react to racial, homophobic, other kind of bullying and hate speech not only online, but also in mass media, on the streets, at schools, work, etc.

How was the experiment made? They invited people (not professional actors) to participate in a casting for an ad. In advance, we gave no specifics on what the ad would be about. When they had arrived, we asked them to wait a second in our waiting room. They had no clue the waiting room was in fact fake, and we were filming them already there with our hidden cameras.

What happened next – watch in the video.


maandag, maart 23rd, 2015

Beck’s proves in the Beck’speriment that guys are willing to do everything for their favorite beer. Watch how their girlfriends get confused by their unusual shop interest.