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Adidas: Break Free

vrijdag, januari 6th, 2017

“Break Free” tells the story of 79-year old Karl, a former marathon runner locked up in a lifeless nursing home. One evening he discovers his old running shoes by adidas and decides to take a run in his old marathon outfit. He wants to leave the boredom behind and tries to escape the nursing home, against the will of the nurses. His actions ignite a spark of life in the residents of the home and they support him on his way to freedom.

Finnair: Match made in HEL

donderdag, november 10th, 2016

Finnair and Helsinki Airport organized a fashion show on the actual runway at the Helsinki Airport, Match made in HEL – the runway with the brightest young stars of the fashion world. The show brought together seven of the most interesting designers from Europe and Asia. The fashion show attracted the attention of world wide audiences. In this way they combine the world of fashion and traveling into easy shareable online content.

Bonds Australia: Think of Fathers

woensdag, augustus 17th, 2016

Australian underwear brand Bonds has released a tongue-in-cheek spot for Father’s Day that reverses post-baby body image stereotypes. The ad, titled ‘Think of Fathers’, involves a group of new dads huddled around a coffee table in Bonds undies sharing the pressures they face from their post-baby ‘dad bods’. It parodies the social stresses that some women face after giving birth, including drawing comparisons to celebrities–in this case, soccer player David Beckham who miraculously manages to maintain his fit and toned physique right after having a baby.

Fruit of the Loom: Fruit Unpackaged

woensdag, juli 20th, 2016

Women who would never buy Fruit of the Loom, completely changed their minds. And all it took was this fake underwear boutique…

Converse: Chuck Hack – Weather

donderdag, maart 3rd, 2016

The Converse brand has long represented a blank canvas for creativity, and the brand-sponsored “Chuck Hacks” provide new inspiration to fuse creativity and technology to provide new product functionality. Converse was tasked to come up with an inspiring yet achievable hack while incorporating a seasonal / weather element. So, they created a 3D-printed translucent Beacon logo that lights up in different ways to provide weather alerts. The beacon itself can either be sewn directly onto the side of a shoe, or attached via a set of snaps that allows it to be removed.

Fashion Revolution: The 2 Euro T Shirt

woensdag, oktober 7th, 2015

Fashion at a bargain – why not? But what if consumers see the conditions, under which the super cheap clothes are made?

Forever 21: Thread Screen

donderdag, juli 23rd, 2015

Forever 21 and Breakfast (agency) are excited to unveil the F21 Thread Screen, a 2.000 pound machine that uses 6., 400 spools of thread to display Instagrams that are hashtagged with #F21ThreadScreen. See your selfies turn into art at The machine works on 6.400 wooden spools spinning around 36 colors, driven by a complex computer. Each spool serve as a single pixel in an 80-by-80 pixel image. Be sure to send an image with the hashtag #F21ThreadScreen, you’ll be hypnotized!

The Rag Bag

woensdag, maart 18th, 2015

Here’s how a simple shopping bag can help you to do something good. By turning it inside out and donating something used, you will extend the life-cycle of that product. On top of that, you might even help someone in need. Rag bag is a simple way to go from just talking about recycling to actually doing it.

Victoria’s Secret: Angels Playing Football

vrijdag, januari 23rd, 2015

The Superbowl is coming up. The1st of February you will be spoiled with the best advertisements in the US. Victoria Secret already shared a teaser they’re going to do..

G-Star Raw: RAW for the oceans

donderdag, juni 19th, 2014

RAW for the Oceans is a long-term G-Star collaboration with Pharrell Williams, owner of Bionic Yarn, that makes something fantastic with ocean plastic. It’s a very cool concept which won the Product Design Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions Festival tonight.