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Coca-Cola: Hand-Crafted Billboards

woensdag, oktober 11th, 2017

In the fall of 2017, the iconic Coca-Cola wanted to show its appreciation for, and respect of, the local, the authentic, the community it is a part of. Cue the hand-crafted OOH, knitted and woven over the course of several months by the local ladies whose craft is a work of art, to tease a special Coke & Meals platform that would truly celebrate what we, as a community, hold dear: traditional Serbian cuisine, the unforgettable tastes of our country!

coca-cola_hand-crafted_billboards_1 2


The Garbage Gourmet

maandag, mei 22nd, 2017

Homeless people and fancy dinners: it’s a very big contrast. Shanti House, a shelter for homeless  youth emphasized this contrast by organizing a very fancy dinner for foodbloggers to try the new menu of Israels most popular chefs.

But instead of a fancy night, the visitors got a completely other experience. Right before their first bite they were told that the beautiful dishes in front of them were completely made of food that came out of the garbage. The true story of the dishes was revealed: the chef had been hunting for food in garbages together with two kids that used to live on the streets and had to eat from the dumpster. In the end, nobody touched the food, and everyone went home hungry, just like the kids.

Orangina: Shake The Dispenser

vrijdag, december 30th, 2016

Although shaking the bottle is part of Orangina’s DNA, consumers have a tendency to forget to shake their favorite beverage, especially when it’s in a can. The fact is, being that they can’t see the contents, they forget to mix the pulp.

Based on these insights, Orangina imagined a fun and viral street marketing operation, that you can now see on video.

At the beginning of December, passers-by were able to discover a surprising Orangina dispenser during 48 hours. With each coin, the can rolled forward then suddenly got stuck. Frustrated, the consumers soon understood that they needed to shake the dispenser to get their favorite beverage. Like a punching ball, the machine, surprisingly mobile, was shaken, and shoved. When the machine considered that the pulp was mixed, the can was freed, to a round of applause and the new brand signature “Shake the world”.

Snickers: Vending Machine

woensdag, december 7th, 2016

In the Netherlands 89% gladly share chocolate with someone else. In cooperation with Snickers, Raúl&Rigel helped them a little bit. Namely, they made a Vending Machine with Snicker, Mars and Twix bites. In the shopping mall Hoog Catharijne in Utrecht passers-by could record a message with who they want to share the bites! So, with who do you want to share your bites? #madeforsharing

Krispy Kreme: The effect is real

vrijdag, november 4th, 2016

With two hidden camera’s inside a Krispy Kreme box the instinctive reactions from people appear when they see a Krispy Kreme box. It’s called the Krispy Kreme Effect. In the video there is no dialogue (other than one kid’s triumphant “yesss!”), and the video includes no offers or promotions, nor does it feature any special or seasonal doughnuts. It’s only a proof of the Krispy Kreme Effect.

Quaker: Breakfast in bed-boat

dinsdag, oktober 18th, 2016

After sunday comes… yes the stressful monday morning. Getting up late. No time for breakfast. Missing the bus. Stuck in morning traffic. Quaker introduced the solution with the Breakfast-in-bed-boat, that brings you to work in order that you can stay in bed, read the paper, have a good breakfast and arrive at work, completely relaxed. In other words, a perfect start of the day.

Lidle: Le Bon

maandag, oktober 10th, 2016

The Nobel Prize Award dinner is one of the biggest dinners in the world. And last year, on the same night and on the same time, exactly the same dinner was created. Under the name “Le Bon” a whole replica of the Nobel Prize Award dinner was made and valued with 8.6. But who was behind this project? It was Lidl. Namely, because Lidl wanted to shed light on the quality of Lidl food in Sweden.

Meat & Livestock Australia: Miss Fortune

woensdag, augustus 10th, 2016

Miss Fortune is the brain child of BMF and oOh! as part of the ongoing ‘You’re Better on Beef’ campaign that promotes the value of Beef in providing protein, iron and zinc. The digital homage to the famed-old Zoltar machines are tactically positioned in major Australian shopping centres, and use motion sensors to beckon passers-by to have a palm reading done. Unfortunately the news isn’t all good with the execution featuring over three dozen tongue-in-cheek fortunes ranging from “Unspeakable riches will come your way…from a Nigerian email account” to “The truth hurts my friend. Seek the advice of a pharmacist for a rash cream to soothe what words cannot”. oOh! Media converted its network of EXCITE screens into digital ‘fortune tellers’, with more than 40,000 shoppers already placing their palms on-screen to activate a crystal ball reading. As well as a live reading, the unlucky recipients also receive their (mis)fortune by phone or social platforms – with a cheeky reminder that with beef, you’ll be better prepared for what life throws at you.


Kellogg’s Krave: Comic Con Day, 3

maandag, augustus 1st, 2016

Kellogg’s Krave partnered with comic book artist Francis Manapul (DC’s Flash, Detective Comics) to bring geek culture cravings to life at the San Diego ComicCon. We turn the day’s trending topic, women with superpowers, into a live art installation using Kellogg’s Krave cereal and chocolate as the medium. After 5 hours the art was completed and stayed on display for the rest of the day in NerdHQ, while a timelapse video was shared on Instagram and Facebook the same day.

Francis Manapul

Burger King: Whopper Blackout

donderdag, juni 23rd, 2016

To honor the memory of people who suffered and raise awareness among the youth about those 15 years of absence that millions of French people had to face between 1997 and 2012, Burger King presents ‘Whopper Blackout’. A shocking documentary that retraces the different steps of this dark period in France history. From the brand’s departure in 1997 to its almost miraculous return to France in 2012, this documentary narrates this period, mixing exclusive archives images and impactful testimonials.