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Every Coin Matters

zaterdag, april 1st, 2017

This inspiring campaign by Fulfilling Dreams and the Israeli Professional Football Leagues shows that even little donations can make a big difference. Every football match starts with the tossing of a coin. In every match in the Israeli premier football league, this coin will now be donated to  Fulfilling Dreams, a non-profit organization that helps terminally ill children to fulfill their dream.

Audi: The Number 10

donderdag, februari 25th, 2016

To help an Omani boy to progress his footballing dreams, 22 Audi Q7’s overcame treacherous roads to give him an extraordinary football experience – one that every football fan will relate to. With #AudiChallengesArabia, Audi invited people to submit a challenge to push the limits of Audi. This film shows one of the challenges they completed.

Adidas: I’m Here To Create

maandag, januari 18th, 2016

Leo Messi has cemented his place as a phenomenon in football with a record fifth Ballon d’Or, the greatest acknowledgement of individual success in football. But it’s not the records broken, the trophies won, or the accolades which matter most. Messi is here to create.

FIFA: Play Beautiful

dinsdag, september 22nd, 2015

Watch Leo Messi, Sergio Agüero, Alex Morgan, Kobe Bryant and Pelé play beautiful football in the official FIFA 16 TV commercial.

Largest snack stadium ever build

dinsdag, februari 3rd, 2015

The Yelp community in Phoenix created the biggest snack stadium ever build with food to be donated on Sunday. Over 60,000 people converged on the University of Phoenix Stadium on Sunday to watch the Superbowl. With the help of Phoenix-based architecture and design firm Bar Napkin Productions, and donations of time and food from locals, Yelpers began building the seven foot tall, 27 ft long and 24 ft wide replica inside the Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall. The stadium is made from snacks including four tons of Velveeta, 400 boxes of Mike and Ikes and Hot Tamales and 32,000 cans of Dole products. Inside the stadium is a miniature football field where visitors are invited to play a game of tabletop paper football.

Heineken: The Better Halves

maandag, juni 2nd, 2014

If you have one half of the ticket for the Final, what would you do to get the other? Would you ask your better half to sing the Champions League Anthem live? 62 football fans from Sofia talked their wives and girlfriends into performing the Anthem on stage. Using custom hardware and voice recognition software, NEXT-DC detected the three performances that were closest to the timing of the original anthem. They were awarded with the second half of the ticket and a seat at the Final.

Heineken: Share the sofa

maandag, mei 26th, 2014

Now a days many people have a mobile device in one hand and a beer in the other hand while watching football on their television. Heineken created this latest second-screen campaign called #sharedthesofa. Where famous ex football players participle in live interviews through twitter during the Champions League.

Golden Oldies: Bavaria Babes in Adfo Top 40

vrijdag, oktober 18th, 2013

Remember Bavaria’s guerrilla stunt with the Dutch Beer Babes during the world cup 2010? They’re no. 33 in the Adfo Top 40. The hotties were wearing Bavaria dresses during the Netherlands Denmark match in South Africa. FiFa didn’t appreciate the stunt, as Budweiser sponsors it. The ladies are arrested.

CS Hammam-Lif | 12th Man

vrijdag, juli 12th, 2013

For security reasons, the Tunisian Government decided that all Professional Football League games would be played without any audience in the stadiums. To reconnect the fans with the Club, the agency allowed supporters to cheer for their team without being in the stadium. With a downloadable mobile application that connects every fan to 40 giant speakers placed inside the stadium during the game: The 12th Man app.

Boondoggle | The Challenges

dinsdag, juli 9th, 2013

The last ten years the Belgian National football team was not as successful as they are lately: they didn’t participate in the last two World Championships and the last three European Championships. So you might understand that Belgium people don’t have a lot of confidence in their national team.

That’s why the Royal Belgian Footbal Association has decided to rely on an agency (Boondoggle) to re-connect with the fans in the stadium by launching “The Challenges”. The Belgium players challenged their fans to do something crazy for the Red Devils, using the color red as the dominant element of the activity. The fans responded, challenging the players in return.