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Glorix: Plee Pride

vrijdag, augustus 12th, 2016

The Amsterdam Canal Parade attracts a lot of visitors each year. In 2016 almost 500.000 people visited the event. All these people need to go to the loo at some point in time… However, there’s always a shortage of public toilets. So the lines are long, very long! That’s why Glorix introduced Plee Pride this year. Super clean bathrooms, at real Amsterdam houses, completely provided by Glorix.

KPN: Pridestream

donderdag, augustus 27th, 2015

On Saturday, 1 August 2015, during the busiest Amsterdam Gay Pride ever, there was an ‘empty’ boat amongst all the boats filled with people celebrating their pride. This ‘empty’ boat had more people ‘on’ it than all the other boats in the Boat Parade. 67,984 people from 128 countries all over the world, including many countries where homosexuality is still taboo, sailed on this boat as virtual passengers via the 360⁰ livestream on the secured website

Pridestream enables people from all over the world who can’t openly show their pride to be part of the Amsterdam Canal Parade and experience the feeling of being their true self. Thanks to this technology, using their smartphones, iPads or computers, they were able to see what it was like to be a passenger on one of these boats, complete with sound and video. The boat was equipped with huge LED screens which displayed the participating people from all over the world.

T-Mobile: Marry a Friend for a Day

woensdag, augustus 5th, 2015

During the Amsterdam Gay Pride Canal Parade, JCDecaux placed a special abri for telecomprovider T-Mobile. With the campaign, T-Mobile wanted to show they believe in the power of love, friendship and the right to choose who you share it with. That’s why they invited bystanders to marry their best friend for a day, and by doing so showing the world you feel the same way. The wedding pictures were all shared with #SHARELOVE. Take a look at all the wedding pictures on MarryAFriendForADay.

Schermafbeelding 2015-08-05 om 10.59.59

T-Mobile: Share #Pink

vrijdag, augustus 1st, 2014

During Gay Pride in Amsterdam, the color pink is always fully represented. Logic, since pink is the color of love, friendship and joy. Above all, it is the color of freedom to share the best things in life with whoever you want. With that thought in mind, Red Urban and Etcetera have created #ROZE (#PINK) this week: a social movement to color the entire Dutch social media landscape pink.

Burger King: Proud Whopper

vrijdag, juli 4th, 2014

Just for the San Francisco Gay Pride 2014, Burger King introduced a new burger: the Proud Whopper. What made this burger different? People were surprised, delighted and even a little shocked to find out. Watch the Proud Whopper unwrap for the big reveal.