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A dinner with the prime minister of Georgia

donderdag, maart 30th, 2017

Jesper Black traveled to Georgia for a wedding, ignorant of the experience that was waiting for him. Because he was the 6h million tourist of Georgia, he got a very special surprise: a dinner with the prime minister. The Georgans even got to vote for the dishes were on the menu.

Believe it or not, everything in this video is real. Until the moment that Jesper was told by the prime minister why he got this special treatment, he thought that it was a joke, organized by his friends. The only thing that’s questionable is Jesper being the exact 6th million tourist: it was calculated that the 6h million tourist was a passenger on the chosen plane, but it wasn’t sure which passenger it was exactly.

IRAO: Don’t Drink and Drive

vrijdag, juli 8th, 2016

The Social Campaign of IRAO car insurance services. The concept – “Your car is not your car, when you are drunk.” Don’t Drink & Drive.



Fox / Caucasus Online: A Guest of Honor

vrijdag, mei 27th, 2016

A zombie invaded Tbilisi (Georgia) to promote the TV show “Walking Dead”.

Old Irish: Virtual Journy to Irland

dinsdag, april 26th, 2016

Random people in Tbilisi (Georgia) were invited to discover Ireland in a special way…