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Grolsch: Awake Your Curiosity Experiment

vrijdag, oktober 6th, 2017

It’s a world of multitasking and efficiency and we’re delighted to be connected 24/7 and load our time with as many activities as possible.

But is it possible that we forgot the one and most important connection of all? Awake is the kind of festival that wants to disconnect people from multitasking and let them reconnect with themselves through cultural activities, such as forest library, cinema under the bridge, of course, live concerts, arts and many others.

As the official sponsor of Awake festival, Grolsch wanted to illustrate how important it is to press pause from time to time and, ultimately, reconnect with ourselves.

Grolch invited people to Awake festival in an unconventional way: through a neuroscience & art Experiment which read people’s brain waves in real time (using neuro headsets) & translates them into visual art.

The Grolsch Awake Experiment repurposed the latest technology to show how beautifully the human brain works when we remove all distractions and focus only on one thing: the music.

Grolsch Radler billboard

dinsdag, mei 16th, 2017

You not only make the most delicious Grolsch 0.0% Radler Citroen with lemon juice, you can also make a billboard out of lemon juice. For the Grolsch campaign ‘Echt’, Fitzroy Amsterdam conceived the idea of making a billboard out of lemon juice. So together with an artist, Raúl&Rigel made the lemon juice billboard and showed it to the world; cheers!

Grolsch: 400 Years Of Beer

maandag, maart 16th, 2015

This art installation by premium Dutch lager, Grolsch, features 400 of its swing top bottles. Designed by street art collective Graffiti Lite, the one-of-a-kind installation celebrates the 400th anniversary of the Dutch lager brand. The team hung 400 of Gorlsch’s iconic swing top bottles in 400 minutes, decorating them using various methods of street art like guerilla gardening, yarn bombing and spray painting. The bottles were mounted on a larger mural of the signature bottle in East London.



Heads and Hands: Movie Unlocker

maandag, augustus 4th, 2014

App developer and the CEO of Russian design studio Heads and Hands Aleksandr Semenov has come up with a brilliant way to let you gain access to a free movie online just by tapping a beer bottle to your computer. Inspired by a campaign by beer brand Grolsch, where customers are able to watch movies online by entering promotional codes that are printed on the beer bottles, he uses Bluetooth beacon technology to make it even easier to “unlock” movies online. The beacon is located under the bottle cap—when the bottle is tapped against a computer, or any other Bluetooth-enabled device that you would like to watch the movie on, it transmits a signal and you can start watching the movie of your choice. Watch the video to find out more about this awesome new way to watch movies online: