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Jaguar: Jaguar Musicdrome

donderdag, oktober 5th, 2017

In order to launch Jaguar’s first SUV, the Jaguar Musicdrome, the first turntable in the world, was introduced. By tracking the car with a camera the F-Pace controls the music. The faster it drives, the faster the music goes. The higher it drives, the louder it gets. Popularly known as “wheels of death” these type of tacks are reserved for motorbikes and fast racing cars. Only a light weight SUV like the F-Pace and Jaguar’s superior performance made this feat possible. The one week event with Jaguar Musicdrome attracted 90,000 spectators while saw 55% increase in catalog online orders as well as 114% increase in website traffic.

Ambient advertisment created by Geometry Global, Japan for Jaguar

Estonian Tourist Board: The Estonian Stress Buster

woensdag, oktober 4th, 2017

BBDO Berlin and Zavod BBDO developed and staged tourism campaign for Estonia. The “Stress Buster” travels to European capital cities, armed with sounds of nature and an Estonian pop-up forest. He scans the city to find the most stressed-out people to surprise them with a vacation trip to Estonia, so they can liberate themselves from the stresses and strains of daily life.

Ambient advertisment created by BBDO, Germany for Estonian Tourist Board

Graubünden: Every spot a masterpiece.

maandag, oktober 2nd, 2017

Everyone knows them: the white-red-and-white trail markers that show hikers the way. From today, these look a little different on three trails in Graubünden. For an artist has set his hand, or rather his brush, to these and made these signs live up to the beauty of the surrounding nature. True to the motto: every spot a masterpiece.

For more information:

graubunden 1

graubunden 2

graubunden 3

Singapore Wellness Association: Sideways Growth Charts

maandag, oktober 2nd, 2017

This campaign uses typical growth charts, placed vertically in clinics and schools to measure height – and turns them horizontally to highlight the problem of kids growing sideways. This simple change in orientation draws attention to childhood obesity and its consequences, urging parents to help their children adopt an active lifestyle through SWA’s programs.

Ambient advertisment created by McCann, Singapore for Singapore Wellness Association. Sideways Growth Charts



Ikea: Allen the Peregrine

maandag, oktober 2nd, 2017

IKEA was launching a brand new store in Sheffield. As gift to the steel city, in collaboration with local artist Jason Heppenstall, Ikea has brought to life Sheffield’s most famous falcon with a little help from an icon of Ikea. Meet Allen the Peregrine, a 7-metre wide falcon made from over 17,000 IKEA allen keys. The majestic creation stands proudly in Sheaf Square, just outside Sheffield’s main station as a joint symbol of the town and the new store.

Ambient advertisment created by Mother, United Kingdom for IKEA, within the category: House, Garden.Ikea 3

Leo Francis


The Setapp Shortcut

vrijdag, februari 24th, 2017

Setapp, the “Netflix for apps”  is a subscription to the 60 best apps for Mac. Setapp promises to make life easier by providing it’s subscribers with the best MacOS apps. The campaign video to introduce this new service is surprisingly focused on technology in a different way. Fishermen on a lake were surprised with a “shortcut”: drones flew to their boats and brought them fish in a basket.

Live From Tennessee

maandag, februari 20th, 2017

Tennessee is known for having  the most musicians in the world. Very big name artists often show up and perform in the state. The department of Tourist Development of Tennessee organized four live concerts in Tennessee, and broadcasted them live to a billboard in Chicago to organize “the first ever music performance in two cities at the same time” to attract tourists. This way, the people in Chicago could have the real Tennessee-experience.

TN LiveFromTennessee CS-15-HD from VML on Vimeo.

Papalote: The wall breaker rope

woensdag, januari 25th, 2017

Nowadays the walls are rising up all over the world, but nothing comes of it.

Divisions make us think we are different. One example is Mexico City, one of the most populated cities in the world – more than 20 million habitants, according to UN data. A place where distances become walls that separate, divide and even become borders.

To shorten those distances and knock down the walls between all children of Mexico City, Papalote Children’s Museum created The Wall Breaker Rope; a game which allows to join children from the most distant parts of the city.

This campaign was developed altogether with FCB Mexico under Humberto Polar’s creative leadership, who is the EVP Creative of FCB Mexico and commented that through innovation, technology and creativity they were able to place two machines, each of them with a rope and an interactive system synchronisation. One of them was situated in a private school in an exclusive area of ​​Mexico City and the other 43km away, in a public school in a marginalised area.

Thanks to this game, the The Wall Breaker Rope, that was never seen before, children at the opposite ends of the city, regardless of their socioeconomic conditions, played with each other to have fun and get to know each other. But the most important, was that children could learn that They are essentially the same, highlighting the value of friendship.

Tiger: Pollution Ink

maandag, september 5th, 2016

Waking up, seeing smog on the buildings and knowing that every breath you inhale is polluted air. For some people in the world this is the way of living and each day they have to cope with the difficulties of air pollution. For Tiger Beer reasons enough to set up an action against air pollution and so they launched a special kind of ink made from recycled air pollution. Together with Graviky Labs in Bangalore they spent 3 years designing a device capturing soot from all kind of vehicles’ exhausts. These devices were placed on boats, cars, chimnies all around Hong Kong and India. Overall, they made over 150 litres of Air-Ink approximating to 2500 hours worth of typical diesel car emissions. This special ink was then given to 9 street artists in Asia, who made spectacular murals.

Zurcher Frauenzentrale: Equal Pay Day

dinsdag, oktober 22nd, 2013

To promote ‘Equal pay day’ in Switzerland Zurcher Frauenzentrale (a foundation who fights for equal pay for women) did an unusual experiment. ATM’s gave 20% less money to men who got money from an ATM. They got a ticket at the end with the text, ‘Women get 20% less wage as men’.