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Singapore Wellness Association: Sideways Growth Charts

maandag, oktober 2nd, 2017

This campaign uses typical growth charts, placed vertically in clinics and schools to measure height – and turns them horizontally to highlight the problem of kids growing sideways. This simple change in orientation draws attention to childhood obesity and its consequences, urging parents to help their children adopt an active lifestyle through SWA’s programs.

Ambient advertisment created by McCann, Singapore for Singapore Wellness Association. Sideways Growth Charts



Burger King: The Subway Grill Shelf Burger

donderdag, januari 19th, 2017

Burger King leveraged the existing subway luggage shelves in Korea to create an optical illusion as if passengers were underneath Burger Kings grill.


Zurcher Frauenzentrale: Equal Pay Day

dinsdag, oktober 22nd, 2013

To promote ‘Equal pay day’ in Switzerland Zurcher Frauenzentrale (a foundation who fights for equal pay for women) did an unusual experiment. ATM’s gave 20% less money to men who got money from an ATM. They got a ticket at the end with the text, ‘Women get 20% less wage as men’.

Guerrilla I The biggest love proof of the world

zondag, november 11th, 2012

“How much do we love our mother”. That’s the question the Argentinian agency Almacén asked itself. They therefore made the biggest love proof of the world. For each mention on the social media they would hang a balloon to their “Te queiro “-frame. Mothers and their children could then follow the launch live online.

Bron: Creative Criminals

Guerrilla I Frozen Art

zondag, oktober 14th, 2012

For the launch of the new Jordan Shoe CP3.VI, Nike created a live “frozen” moment using a chain of Chris Paul doubles in Venice Beach, CA. What unfolds is a unique traction story of how the shoe cuts through L.A.

Street Art: Tree concert

zondag, oktober 14th, 2012

With more than 400,000 trees, Berlin is arguably one of the greenest cities in all of Europe. Unfortunately, that number has started to shrink; more trees are felled than planted in a year’s time while existing trees are not always cared for properly. German conservation advocacy group BUND aims to help in the preservation of Berlin’s trees through a specially developed fundraiser street art concept.

Guerrilla I Pop Up Theater

maandag, oktober 8th, 2012

The Ultrabook™ POP-UP THEATER is a series of live stunts that demonstrates the ultra thin design & responsiveness of the Ultrabook™. A uniquely choreographed team of 60 individuals create a human digital wall made of Ultrabooks. The Pop-Up teams make surprise appearances on the streets of Los Angeles, transforming an everyday location into a mini theater

Guerrilla I Happiness Table

zondag, oktober 7th, 2012

A Coca-Cola delivery truck was transformed into a happiness table in a small square in Naples. Famous chef Simone Rugiati was on a mission asking people to eat together delivering “doses” of happiness through a magic food cloche.

Let’s Eat Together

Guerrilla I Cobblestone QR code

zondag, oktober 7th, 2012

The idea is simple; Launch a QR code, one of the most innovative technologies of the XXI century, made by Portuguese cobblestones, one of the most ancient Portuguese traditions. From the fusion between technology and historical traditions a new and innovative way was born to promote Portugal abroad and to provide relevant cultural content for tourists visiting Chiado.

Golden Oldies I Double Loop Dare

donderdag, september 6th, 2012

As part of the award winning campaign “Hot Wheels for Real,” Hot Wheels completes their second world record with an activation held at this year’s X Games in Los Angeles.