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Paramount Pictures: Rings Prank

maandag, januari 30th, 2017

First you watch it, then you die. Watch as hidden cameras capture the reactions of unsuspecting customers when Samara comes for them!

The Netherlands welcomes Trump in his own words

woensdag, januari 25th, 2017

The whole world watched the inauguration of the 45th president of the United States: Donald J. Trump. Lubach realized it’s better for the Netherlands to get along and decided to introduce his country The Netherlands to Trump. In a way that will probably appeal to Trump the most.

Papalote: The wall breaker rope

woensdag, januari 25th, 2017

Nowadays the walls are rising up all over the world, but nothing comes of it.

Divisions make us think we are different. One example is Mexico City, one of the most populated cities in the world – more than 20 million habitants, according to UN data. A place where distances become walls that separate, divide and even become borders.

To shorten those distances and knock down the walls between all children of Mexico City, Papalote Children’s Museum created The Wall Breaker Rope; a game which allows to join children from the most distant parts of the city.

This campaign was developed altogether with FCB Mexico under Humberto Polar’s creative leadership, who is the EVP Creative of FCB Mexico and commented that through innovation, technology and creativity they were able to place two machines, each of them with a rope and an interactive system synchronisation. One of them was situated in a private school in an exclusive area of ​​Mexico City and the other 43km away, in a public school in a marginalised area.

Thanks to this game, the The Wall Breaker Rope, that was never seen before, children at the opposite ends of the city, regardless of their socioeconomic conditions, played with each other to have fun and get to know each other. But the most important, was that children could learn that They are essentially the same, highlighting the value of friendship.

Amnesty International: Child Soldier School Bus

dinsdag, januari 24th, 2017

This is a promotional school bus that demonstrated the reality of child soldiers. It drove around in major cities in the United States to raise awareness on the issue. Immagine

Viking invasion ‘The Last Kingdom’ hit the streets of Amsterdam

donderdag, november 5th, 2015

This morning, a Nordic Viking invasion hit the streets of Amsterdam. Dressed up in fur and iron, a group of wild men the invaders left a trail of ships at the Vikingpath and other streets to raise attention for BBC First’s exciting new series The Last Kingdom. The guerrilla stunt, which will also be executed in several other cities in The Netherlands, is created by Isobar and Raúl&Rigel for the launch of BBC First’s latest series The Last Kingdom. The campaign will continue on the Facebook channel of BBC First.  The Last Kingdom is full of fierce battles and political play and centers around the young hero Uhtred. He was born the son of a Saxon nobleman, but was kidnapped to Denmark and raised by Vikings. Dutch viewers will spot a familiar face amongst the Vikings: Rutger Hauer portrays King Ravn, ex-soldier and former Viking King.


Raúl&Rigel for ANWB

donderdag, april 10th, 2014

Watch this short compilation of the guerrilla campaign we did for ANWB automobile insurance.

ANWB: Bumping Car

donderdag, april 3rd, 2014

Today, the ANWB Bumping Car was spotted in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is the city in the Netherlands where the most material damage is made.



Yovis Viaggio: The Great Escape

maandag, december 23rd, 2013


Yovis Viaggio is an anti-diarrhea medicine that made itselve known to the public in a guerrilla-wise manner. They transformed the bathroom of Malpensa airport into a maze. Once a person enters the toilet a team of people was ready to change the structure with the addition of fake walls and false doors.

Família Roomba

donderdag, november 28th, 2013

Portuguese guerrilla marketing agency Bazooka made this short video that tells the story of a new family member that erases words such as crisis and deficit.

STOP AIDS NOW!: Grieving Teddy Bears

maandag, november 25th, 2013

Every year 160.000 teddy bears in Africa lose their friend to the effects of AIDS. Without treatment, half of the children with HIV don’t reach the age of two. The person who finds a teddy bear is kindly asked to share their story on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (#stopaidsnow).