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S.O.S melting snowmen! #smeltbaar #meltable

woensdag, december 7th, 2016

Today, there were appearing very mysterious snowmen made of real snow in five different cities in the Netherlands. Very strange because it is still to warm for snow. All the snowmen were standing with a signboard with the text #smeltbaar (#meltable). From who came this message? Well, tomorrow we will tell you this secret.


Snickers: Vending Machine

woensdag, december 7th, 2016

In the Netherlands 89% gladly share chocolate with someone else. In cooperation with Snickers, Raúl&Rigel helped them a little bit. Namely, they made a Vending Machine with Snicker, Mars and Twix bites. In the shopping mall Hoog Catharijne in Utrecht passers-by could record a message with who they want to share the bites! So, with who do you want to share your bites? #madeforsharing

Royal Roads University: Community Bookshelf

dinsdag, november 29th, 2016

Royal Roads made a community bookshelf in a busstop in Vancouver where people could take a book out of the bookshelf. The whole stunt was to make one point clear: You should never stop learning, growing and finding inspiration. Waiting on the bus wasn’t that boring anymore! St. Nicolas

donderdag, november 24th, 2016

Bringing joy to the living St. Nicolas is back in Holland! To already celebrate his anniversary they made together a song with St. Nicolas as lead singer! Write soon your list of suggested gifts and maybe St. Nicolas will give them to you. Happy St. Nicolas!

Volkswagen: Bowling brake

maandag, november 21st, 2016

How make you drivers aware of safeness? Especially in the city where the traffic is crowded and accidents are wait to happen. Volkswagen tried it in a fun way and went to a bowling centre. With magnets in bowling balls they illustrated the speed of cars and the abrupt stops in cities. After you see the stunt, you sure want to have the Emergency City Brakes.

Canary Islands: Canary’s fog taggers

donderdag, november 17th, 2016

To make the difference between the Canary Islands and Europe very obvious DEC BBDO and Brands choose the coldest and rainiest countries in Europe to spread one message. On a wet, grey day they wrote on windows of different forms of public transport sentences like “Right now, we’re on the beach” or “Do you miss the sun?” and all with the #CanaryIslands. See the campaign movie here.


Onsitego: Broken Wall

woensdag, november 16th, 2016

In the unfortunate event of damage to your mobile screen, Onsitego provides a no-questions-asked replacement guarantee. What better way to dramatize this proposition than by placing posters on surfaces that bear the brunt of actual damage? Bates CHI & Partners, Bangalore, brings alive the promise of replacement guarantee in a compelling fashion.


Björn Borg: The Cotton Runners

maandag, november 14th, 2016

Are you a runner? If so, you may have noticed a strange pattern as of late – in the bottom of the leader boards from races all over Europe, one thing was prominent; runners named Cotton always came in last place. What is this odd coincidence? Well, cotton will slow you down, if you ask sports brand Björn Borg, who wanted to put their new Performance Underwear in focus during the campaign “Don’t run in cotton”.

Finnair: Match made in HEL

donderdag, november 10th, 2016

Finnair and Helsinki Airport organized a fashion show on the actual runway at the Helsinki Airport, Match made in HEL – the runway with the brightest young stars of the fashion world. The show brought together seven of the most interesting designers from Europe and Asia. The fashion show attracted the attention of world wide audiences. In this way they combine the world of fashion and traveling into easy shareable online content.

BMW: Moving Billboard

dinsdag, november 8th, 2016

The winter is coming and that means when you are driving your braking distance is much longer, especially with summer tyres. With a moving billboard BMW showed the difference between winter and summer with summer tyres. I think the message is clear. It is time to change your summer tyres.