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Singapore Wellness Association: Sideways Growth Charts

maandag, oktober 2nd, 2017

This campaign uses typical growth charts, placed vertically in clinics and schools to measure height – and turns them horizontally to highlight the problem of kids growing sideways. This simple change in orientation draws attention to childhood obesity and its consequences, urging parents to help their children adopt an active lifestyle through SWA’s programs.

Ambient advertisment created by McCann, Singapore for Singapore Wellness Association. Sideways Growth Charts



Ikea: Allen the Peregrine

maandag, oktober 2nd, 2017

IKEA was launching a brand new store in Sheffield. As gift to the steel city, in collaboration with local artist Jason Heppenstall, Ikea has brought to life Sheffield’s most famous falcon with a little help from an icon of Ikea. Meet Allen the Peregrine, a 7-metre wide falcon made from over 17,000 IKEA allen keys. The majestic creation stands proudly in Sheaf Square, just outside Sheffield’s main station as a joint symbol of the town and the new store.

Ambient advertisment created by Mother, United Kingdom for IKEA, within the category: House, Garden.Ikea 3

Leo Francis


TV 2 | All That We Share

donderdag, februari 2nd, 2017

We live in a time where we quickly put people in boxes. Maybe we have more in common than what we think? Introducing All That We Share.

Nike: Hello Internet Addicts

donderdag, december 15th, 2016

With this super simple campaign commercial Nike reflects how ridiculous online behavior can be. Do you have to run today?

Belize Tourism Board: Drum

woensdag, december 14th, 2016

Passers-by could play on a custom-built Belizean drum to let a Belizean boy dance! You could watch the Belizean boy on the new 90ft digital board towering over the square. And by making music, you could win a roundtrip airfare for two persons from Toronto to Belize! The campaign was broadcast via Facebook live and the campaign video is published on different social media channels.

Pepsi Max: Unbelievable Bus Shelter #LiveForNow

dinsdag, december 13th, 2016

With a exclusive technology Pepsi Max lauched a very creative campaign and brought people in the New Oxford Street in London the Unbelievable. One side of the bus shelter was an illusion of a see-through display. People thought that they just saw the street through it, but when they waited for a moment and watched, they saw all kind of incredible scenarios unfolding on the street. For a moment the Londoners were in another unbelievable world. In other words, a really fun and well done guerrilla stunt.

Vlaamse Parkinson Liga: mannequinchallenge

maandag, december 12th, 2016

A life with Parkinson is a challenge. Did you ever thought about that? To draw attention for this illness The Flemisch Parkinson Liga organized a mannequinchallenge during the warmest week.

Hornbach: #smeltbaar #meltable

donderdag, december 8th, 2016

If you read the blog yesterday, you know that today I am going to tell you a secret. Yesterday there were appearing very mysterious snowmen in five different cities in the Netherlands. Namely in The Hague, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Utrecht. People posted online many pictures of the snowmen with the #smeltbaar. They were very curious, because ‘How could it happen?’ and ‘From who came this message?’. Well, I know. The message came from Hornbach, because they wanted to spread already the winter feeling and promote their infusible snowman!

S.O.S melting snowmen! #smeltbaar #meltable

woensdag, december 7th, 2016

Today, there were appearing very mysterious snowmen made of real snow in five different cities in the Netherlands. Very strange because it is still to warm for snow. All the snowmen were standing with a signboard with the text #smeltbaar (#meltable). From who came this message? Well, tomorrow we will tell you this secret.