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Folktandvården: Zero cavitites

maandag, maart 6th, 2017

Zero cavities is a campaign where Folktandvården, the public dental service in Stockholm, informs the citizens about their right to dental care. They took their vision to the city of Stockholm to see how people would react when holes are removed from where people are accustomed to find them.

IRAO: Don’t Drink and Drive

vrijdag, juli 8th, 2016

The Social Campaign of IRAO car insurance services. The concept – “Your car is not your car, when you are drunk.” Don’t Drink & Drive.



R3 Condoms: Reducing Population

dinsdag, februari 9th, 2016

Creative print ad from R3 Condoms, showing a bomb and a condom with the tagline “Reducing population”.


Weight Watchers: My Butt

donderdag, januari 22nd, 2015

Everyone has a butt. And every butt has a story. This is one. For this newest Weight Watchers commercial they’ve used a pretty good insight to make a beautiful story in which a lot of people can recognize themselves.