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Heineken: Bigger doesn’t mean better!

dinsdag, oktober 10th, 2017

Heineken used some guerrilla tactics in their hometown Amsterdam to promote the small Heineken bottles. In front of “a giant” Samsung Billboard which says “Do bigger things” for Samsung Note 8 Heineken parked “a small” moving billboard which says “or Mini Things”.


Heineken: The Takeover

donderdag, oktober 27th, 2016

Heineken presents The Takeover, a creative and innovative concept and technology from performed by MassiveMusic. The first music event in history where the crowd is in control of the show, simply by raising their Heineken bottle with a luminous wrist bracelet. You could choose between two colors: green and red, which are matched with two songs. With a special camera the votes are registered and the winning song is mixed in the following set.

Heineken: Live your music am open air Gampel

woensdag, september 21st, 2016

Heineken makes it possible to enjoy unique musical experiences for all people in the world and so also in Switzerland. At the well-known “Gampel Festival”, visitors were invited to perform the hit ” up to the sky” by the Swiss band 77 Bombay Street, but without having to appear in front of a huge audience. In Switzerland there are not so many artist who make it to the big stage and therefore Heineken wanted to encourage the Swiss to spontaneously leave their comfort zone to enjoy an unique musical experience. To experience the musical experiences they all got a virtual reality glasses and headsets, but that was not everything… A goosebumps moment, check it in the video below!

Heineken: The Final Hashtag

dinsdag, mei 31st, 2016

Heineken and Publicis Italy placed hundreds of billboards in Milan with a very long hashtag that lets you win the tickets for the UCL Final. This year, the UEFA Champions League Final will be held in Milan. So, during the second half of May, Heineken uses the most discussed topic on social networks to talk about something people may not know: its own product qualities. Heineken does so by creating The Final Hashtag: a contest that lets people win the tickets for the Final match.



Heineken: The Dilemma

vrijdag, maart 11th, 2016

Heineken tests your friendship during the Champions League.

Heineken: Nature’s Wonder

donderdag, december 3rd, 2015


Heineken launched its new commercial last Wednesday. In the film, entitled “Nature’s Wonder”, two famous “natural wonders” come together: the natural product of Heineken and the natural phenomenon of the northern lights. And all of that happens in outer space. The “Northern Lights” is not only to be wondered on television. The air around the area of the Heineken Experience was colored green Wednesday evening.


Heineken: Jonah Lomu

dinsdag, september 15th, 2015

What happens when you take one of rugby’s biggest legends and hide him inside a prize machine in a Dublin pub? To mark Heineken’s sponsorship of Rugby World Cup 2015, Jonah Lomu surprises some unsuspecting Heineken drinkers in a local rugby pub.

Heineken: The Jonah Lomu Machine

donderdag, september 3rd, 2015

Jonah Lomu surprises some unsuspecting Heineken drinkers in a local rugby pub to mark Heineken’s sponsorship of Rugby World Cup 2015.

KLM / Heineken: The Orange Experience 2015

maandag, mei 18th, 2015

KLM teamed up with fellow Dutch brand Heineken in search of bold adventurers from across the world. In bars around the globe, people ordering a Heineken were asked if they would like an “Orange Experience” to go with it. For those brave enough to find out more, the people had to be willing to complete several challenges to see if they were worthy of the invitation, such as singing ‘Oranje Boven’, a Dutch folk song in a packed bar. Those adventurous enough to complete the challenges were rewarded by immediately being flown out to Amsterdam with a friend to join in the epic King’s Day celebrations.

Heineken: Routine Interruptions | The Payphone with Fred Armisen

dinsdag, juli 29th, 2014

In this social experiment, comedian Fred Armisen anonymously calls a payphone across the street from the Comedy Cellar in NYC. Those who were brave enough to answer the call and walk into the unknown were rewarded with an unique experience.