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MassiveMusic: Print Ads Sucks

dinsdag, november 22nd, 2016

Music agency MassiveMusic composes and produces music for advertising campaigns and develops music strategies for brands worldwide. They want to bring music together with a brand or campaign. This year they had the opportunity to do their own outdoor campaign. While they had many brainstorming sessions they could easily conclude that music and print ads are a difficult combination. All the ideas were wiped out and a concise message was targeted and placed around media- and creative agencies in Amsterdam.

Schermafbeelding 2016-11-22 om 10.26.40 Schermafbeelding 2016-11-22 om 10.26.56

KBS: Ideas to Burn

maandag, april 13th, 2015

The company kbs wanted to let their clients know that when creative isn’t bought, they don’t try to re-package it and sell it again. They scrap the work and start fresh with every project.
As a cheeky, unforgettable piece that speaks to our invention culture, they sent this log to the clients who rejected the ideas of kbs ideas in the first place. Kbs did it during the coldest month on record in Toronto since 1875.

Ideas To Burn from kbs+ toronto on Vimeo.