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Ikea: Pet Furniture

woensdag, oktober 11th, 2017

More often than not, homeowners are left sacrificing their interior aesthetic to incorporate pet-friendly furniture, which is why IKEA recently launched the LURVIG pet product range — a new line of gorgeous pet products for cats and dogs that homeowners can display with pride. The collection has started making its way to stores in the US, Canada, France, as well as Japan.

Ikea helps people sleep

woensdag, april 5th, 2017

Sometimes very simple ideas can be the best ideas. Ikea decided to help people in Paris who tweeted that they couldn’t sleep. The brand surprised them by  bringing a nice new mattress in the middle of the night.

Ikea: Perceptive Banners

dinsdag, februari 7th, 2017

With this campaign, Ikea is bringing a more realistic approach to banner advertising. As explained in this case study video, its “Perceptive Banner” ads acknowledge that, fairly often when you click on a mobile banner ad, it’s not on purpose (Ikea cites research suggesting that over 60% of clicks are accidental, and down to “fat thumb syndrome”.) So, the Ikea-branded banners that pop up greet you with messages like “Really, are you sure?” and “Oh, did you tap by mistake. That Happens?” rather than taking you somewhere you didn’t really want to go, and annoying you.

IKEA Perceptive Banners from Ourwork on Vimeo.

IKEA: Retail Therapy

vrijdag, januari 13th, 2017

IKEA weird products names are usually given us the occasion to laugh. Its Swedish agency is using the daily life problems in its campaigns: alternating custody, upset teenagers… And we are more and more used to go on the internet to solve our daily life issue: removing a stain, playing too much video games… Thus the agency Akestam Holst has created Retail Therapy in taking the most common internet requests and renaming the “corresponding” products with them: a single bed has become “My husband snores”, a oven has become “My mom don’t cook”… So whatever your problem, IKEA is THE solution.

IKEA: 25m2 Syria

woensdag, november 9th, 2016

IKEA made ’25 m2 of Syria’, an apartment which is not one of the ‘picture perfect’ homes that are usually on display, but a replica of a Syrian home. The installation was to promote Norway’s annual fundraising event ‘TV-akjsonen’. This year all donations went to the Red Cross, and people living in war and conflict. The iconic IKEA-posters and price tags told the story of how people live and how they could help. The appartement was important to get the public involved and to really understand were the help was going.

IKEA: Instead of Cafe

donderdag, maart 17th, 2016

IKEA stores tend to be located outside of big cities in Russia. For the first time ever the Swedish brand brought its experience straight into city centers. It launched a unique service called ‘Instead of Cafe’ in Moscow and St. Petersburg to challenge the restaurant experience and prove that IKEA kitchens can easily beat it. Anyone could book one of ten thematic kitchens for any occasion and cook together. The project was so successful that it usually took several minutes for the whole week to be fully booked. Over 60K people visited the project and over 9K got to test drive IKEA kitchens.

IKEA The Instead of Cafe from Instinct on Vimeo.

IKEA: Subway

maandag, november 9th, 2015

For the play collection LATTJO, IKEA surprised the commuters of Stockholm with this interactive advertisement.

Ikea: Küss Pillow

vrijdag, september 4th, 2015

To celebrate the arrival of the new catalog, IKEA recycles last year’s catalog into a unique cushion designed by internationally renowned designer Charles Kaisin.


Ikea: Recipe for Delicious Kitchens

woensdag, september 2nd, 2015

In this creative video, Ikea literally cooks up a kitchen with miniaturized versions of its products. To show that the METOD range of kitchens can be tailored to customers’ personal preferences.

Ikea: Rediscover the joy of the kitchen

woensdag, juli 15th, 2015

Ikea sets up a kitchen in the jungle with monkeys just to see what will happen.