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KFC: the Zinger 1 space mission

dinsdag, juni 20th, 2017

Marketers keep pushing boundaries: this world is’nt big enough anymore. Budweiser tries to brew a beer on Mars, and Vice recently sent a joint into space. Now it’s KFC’s turn by sending a chicken sandwich into space.

They call it the Zinger 1 space mission. The new crispy Zinger chicken sandwich will be brought to space using a weather balloon.

The billboard that takes the Ramadan into account

woensdag, juni 7th, 2017

As a brand it is always important to pay attention to the wishes of your target group. Halal Fried Chicken, the halal version of KFC in Amsterdam introduced a very special billboard campaign this week. During the Ramadan, it ‘s quite hard for people to see the beautiful tempting pictures of fast food on the streets when they’re not allowed to eat between sunrise and sunset. Halal Fried Chicken decided to help them a little by making a billboard that only shows the picture of the chicken wings at night.

The front of the poster only has the Halal Fried Chicken logo printed on it. The back side contains a mirrored picture of the chicken wings. When the light in the billboard turns on at night, after the sunset, the picture becomes visible. Cool!

KFC: Wifi Test

maandag, april 18th, 2016

KFC in Romania lets you on their WIFI network if you answer a highschool question right.

KFC: Sound Bite

dinsdag, juli 28th, 2015

Earlier this year Gloo@ogilvy was asked to help KFC increase the relevance of its offering and drive an exciting in-store experience creating brand love, word of mouth and return visits in the urban youth market. They knew from research that this core target audience is heavily interested in music so KFC decided to create a new one-of-a-kind music platform.

They also knew that there are many local artists still battling to get signed by music labels. So they looked to see how they could publish their music right in front of the our music loving audience while they ate at the KFC-restaurants. Thus the ‘KFC Sound Bite’ was born – and the creation of digital audio tables inside our stores. Turning an ordinary eating experience into an immersive digital sound experience to support and amplify local up and coming artists.

KFC Romania: Fakation

donderdag, juli 23rd, 2015

Summer can be a nightmare for teens in the city, watching their Facebook feed getting filled with happy vacation photos posted by their friends. To release that tension KFC is launching the Fakation concept – allowing everyone to take a fake vacation while staying at the city center. During the campaign, KFC branches would turn into resorts, tray liners and floor stickers in the restaurants would allow teens to troll their friends by faking a vacation photo using their regular mobile phone camera, and a website will show tips and tricks how to create the perfect vacation visuals – without getting there for real.