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Ghostbusters: Ghost Train

dinsdag, juli 19th, 2016

What if you decided to take the metro on an ordinary day and suddenly witnessed a paranormal phenomenon? This is what would happen to passengers taking Line 5 at the Alonso Martinez metro station in Madrid. A phenomenon that formed part of a hidden camera coup in the global launch of the return of Ghostbusters- one of the highest-grossing comedies of the 80s- which has become a viral success on social networks.

Burger King: Whopper Apartment

dinsdag, december 2nd, 2014

To launch Burger King’s delivery service in Spain, they created The Whopper Apartment. What would you do if you went to see an apartment for rent in the center of your city and instead of a kitchen, you find yourself staring at a Burger King?

Fashion Victims

maandag, februari 10th, 2014

In Madrid, several “bloggers” appeared buried under rubble in the Gran Via of Madrid … “Fashion Victims” is an action inspired by recent events in Bangladesh. On April 24 2013, several textile mills collapsed taking the lives of 1.127 workers. The campaign aims to give visibility to the real “fashion victims”: slave workers, child exploitation and the millions affected by the pollution produced by factories in the countries of production.