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Mountain Dew drops you from a plane in VR

donderdag, april 13th, 2017

Mountain De is known as a pioneer in VR. The first four 360 videos that the brand created featured extreme sports like skateboarding and snowboarding. The newest and most impressive video so far, the Mountain Dew Beat Drop, takes it literally to the next level. The VR experience starts off in a sky-high party in a military plane. When the beat drops, the party drops as well. Characters from the party in the plane, including bartenders and guests, fly around you and do some amazing tricks. The video kicked of three new beverages from the brand. The video will be used during Mountain Dew’s activation on Coachella, and can be foud in the Samsung VR library as well.

Who thinks that the skydive is filmed in front of a green screen will be surprised: the video was actually filmed with ten skydivers in four jumps, using a GoPro Omni camera.

Mountain Dew: Playable Pre-Rolls

woensdag, februari 17th, 2016

Mountain Dew creates playable Pre-rolls in Youtube.