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McDonald’s: Maestro Burger

dinsdag, januari 31st, 2017

Really tasty and good quality food is more than just a taste experience. It is a treat for every fiber in your body. That first bite can be so intensely flavorful that you lose yourself in it. Especially if you are also accompanied by a live orchestra and choir. This happened to the unsuspecting guests of McDonald’s in the Netherlands with the Maestro Burger.

Heineken: The Takeover

donderdag, oktober 27th, 2016

Heineken presents The Takeover, a creative and innovative concept and technology from performed by MassiveMusic. The first music event in history where the crowd is in control of the show, simply by raising their Heineken bottle with a luminous wrist bracelet. You could choose between two colors: green and red, which are matched with two songs. With a special camera the votes are registered and the winning song is mixed in the following set.

Jumbo: A Bus Stop Supermarket

maandag, oktober 24th, 2016

Doing purchases while you are waiting on the bus? Well, it is possible until 25 Oktober. Jumbo, a Dutch supermarket, temporary transformed a bus stop in Utrecht in a real supermarket. In the ‘shelves’ stand the most populair daily products. People could scan the products with the Jumbo-app and ad it to their shopping basket. Afterwards, the purchases were delivered.


Naturalis: T-rex in town

vrijdag, september 23rd, 2016

Naturalis, a Biodiversity Center, found in the United States in 2013 a tyrannosaurus rex. When the pleasant news came out that the T-rex really was allowed to come to the museum, the guerrillamarketingbureau Raul&Rigel were brought in to let the entree of the T-rex not go unnoticed. In cooperation with Xsaga they made complete crime scenes in five different cities. It was a complete ravage of destroyed cars, footprints en grit! The reactions of the people, as you can see in the video below, were beautiful and funny to see!

Febo ‘Drijf In’

vrijdag, september 16th, 2016

Febo, a well-known Dutch snackbar, celebrates his 75th anniversary! To celebrate the jubilee they opened in the channels of Amsterdam their first floating automat called “Drijf In”. Everyone could anchor their boat to get the Dutch famous croquette “out of the wall” . The floating automat was a step closer to the mission of the company, because the founders always had the aim to make the snackbar accessible for everyone. So maybe a following idea is to open a snackbar in … the air?

FEBO Drijf In ter ere 75ste verjaardag


Verkade: KoekTruck Tour

maandag, juni 13th, 2016

Verkade treats! In June Raúl&Rigel makes a 5 week tour with the “KoekTruck” (Cookie Truck) along city centers and companies. Have already seen and tasted a Verkade Cookie? Do you have the Verkade Cake truck already seen and tasted a cookie? Not yet? Check out this website to see where the Cookie Truck is this week!

Raúl&Rigel: VEEP for HBO

dinsdag, juni 7th, 2016

Will there be a White House in the Netherlands? That is what the Dutch press was expecting to hear last month in Eindhoven. Dutch celebrity Johan Vlemmix would reveal his plans to rebuild Paleis Soestdijk II in Eindhoven into the White House. It turned out to be a publicity stunt for the series, set up by Raúl&Rigel for HBO Netherlands. In April the fifth season of the series premiered. Veep follows Meyer and her staff as they attempt to make their mark and leave a lasting legacy, without getting tripped up in the day-to-day political games that define Washington.

Smirnoff: We’re Open

vrijdag, april 1st, 2016

There’s not many dance teachers like Chris who can teach a deaf person how to hear music. We’re all the same on the dancefloor. Celebrate with Smirnoff. #deafdancers

KLM: Layover with a Local

woensdag, maart 2nd, 2016

KLM’s new service “Layover with a Local” lets travellers waiting for their connecting flights at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol meet up with Amsterdam locals who enjoy meeting new people.

Dutch Railways: Platform of Love

dinsdag, februari 16th, 2016

For this year’s Valentine’s Day, Dutch Railways decided to give Cupid a helping hand, using the same principles as well-known dating apps. At two different train stations, Utrecht and Haarlem, they placed life-size interactive ‘Valentine’ screens, connected through a live stream. In this way, a playful environment was created for people to flirt, and to make a connection with travellers at the other station. When both sides confirm a spark they are treated to a date in a super romantic spot, normally not accessible to the public: the royal waiting room at Amsterdam Central Station.