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End Allergies Together: The poisonous food truck

woensdag, juli 26th, 2017

It provoked some weird reactions: the food truck called Khil Mi that stood in New York City. The customers were told that the dishes inclued integredients like toxic yew berries. This way, non-allergic people could experience what it’s like to have an allergy.

The selfiewall by Delta helps New Yorkers brag on Tinder

dinsdag, juni 13th, 2017

Ever wished you were at cool locations but stuck in your hometown? Delta Air Lines helps people in Brooklyn in tricking people that they’re world travelers by introducing a selfie wall: the #deltadatingwall. This wall helps if you want to brag on, for instance, Tinder about all the cool places you’ve visited. The beautiful wall features pictures and funny illustrations by Andrew Rae.

Delta Tinder Wall

Delta Tinder Wall

Delta Tinder Wall

The Cash Court

vrijdag, april 7th, 2017

What an awesome world would it be if money would just drop out of the sky? The New York Lottery made this fantasy reality. The lottery did a stunt in New York using a basketball hoop: every time someone dropped a ball through the hoop, money came out. The amount of money that came out of the hoop depended on how hard the move was. This stunt was organized in order to promote the new app Champions of Cash 3D.

OREO Dunk Challenge: The Drone Dunk

dinsdag, maart 7th, 2017

OREO cookie drones fly against the New York City skyline for this epic, height-defying dunk.

Burger King: Happy Halloween

dinsdag, november 1st, 2016

In New york a complete Burger King ‘dressed up’ as their competitor McDonald’s. Not in the normal McDonald’s look, but it was a real Halloween transformation. The Burger King was covered with a white sheet with eyeholes which looked like a real spoke. On the billboard stood the text “BOOOOOO! Just kidding, we still flame grill our burgers HAPPY HALLOWEEN”

Toyota: Climbing Wall

dinsdag, oktober 11th, 2016

“It’s not just about how far you can take your vehicle, but how much you can challenge yourself“. This was the message of the Toyota campaign. Together with advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi Toyota produced an outdoor climbing wall on a billboard in the middle of the most popular attraction in New York, namely on Times Square. The purpose was to advertise the new RAV4 Hybrid Toyota car. The activation itself was timed to the media days of the International Auto Show.


Canon: 24 hours to legendary

vrijdag, oktober 7th, 2016

On the day that the Canon EOS 5D MARK IV was launched Canon gave four photographers a challenge. Namely, to produce in 24 hours a surprise gallery event at The Whitney Museum in New York. It is one of the World’s Top Museums. It became one legendary result.

Snickers: America’s Not-So-Sweetheart

woensdag, juni 15th, 2016

Don’t get caught staring at Marilyn Monroe, because when America’s Sweetheart is hungry, she’s not her sweet self!

Toyota: Climbing Wall

donderdag, juni 2nd, 2016

Toyota, and Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles, recently placed a giant billboard in Times Square in New York to advertise its new RAV4 Hybrid car. So far, so normal, you might think. But what made this billboard special was that it was also a climbing wall, reaching to a height of over 100 feet.

Snickers: Retouchers gets Confused

donderdag, februari 18th, 2016

The front cover of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue featured some top models in the past like Kate Upton, Hanna Davis, Irina Shayk, Bar Refaeli, and Brooklyn Decker. This year, the cover was given to plus-size model Ashley Graham, mixed martial arts fighter Ronda Rousey and model Hailey Clauson. But the backcover is a hit as well featuring an absurd send-up of the process of airbrushing, courtesy of Snickers. The ad is made by BBDO New York and shows a model who’s been intentionally Photoshopped with some major fails. Such as that hand on her shoulder, her belly button between her breasts and some other funny stuff. Genious link to their “You’re not you when you’re hungry”-campaign.