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Visit Oslo: The great Escape

vrijdag, oktober 13th, 2017

Have you ever found yourself trapped in overfilled tourist destinations, battling scorching heatwaves and endless crowds? This summer Oslo decided to come to the rescue for traveler in need of a great escape.

dinsdag, januari 12th, 2016

Created before his death, ‘’ is a website that shows you what David Bowie was doing at your age. Bergen-based developer Joakim Tønnesen and Oslo-based art director Duy Nguyen said they were inspired by the singer’s constant reinvention and willingness to experiment, and created it as a reminder to “get out of our comfort zone and start doing shit.”


Norwegian: Next Stop New York

woensdag, december 23rd, 2015

Watch Next Stop New York – the day Norwegian surprised over half a million commuters by turning Nationaltheatret Station in Oslo into Times Square Station. With a gospel, an american football team and yes, a Naked Cowboy was invited too.

Norwegian Air: Norwegian Red Cab

dinsdag, december 23rd, 2014

Norwegian Air made an unique interactive experience possible, which enables visitors in a shopping mall in Oslo to control a cab, and discover New York City. Real-time.

SOS Mayday: Johannes

donderdag, februari 20th, 2014

The Norwegian organization SOS Mayday conducted an experiment by placing a freezing child at a bus stop to see if anyone would help him. Many passers-by asked the boy why he did not have a coat in this weather, and he would say that someone had stolen it. It is interesting to see who gave up their clothes for the shivering boy. Showing that it is easy to help someone in need, this spot is a call to help the children in Syria as many of them go without clothes to keep them warm.

Political PR Stunt

maandag, augustus 12th, 2013

A great PR stunt by Norwegian PM Jens Stoltenberg! He spent an afternoon working incognito as a taxi driver in Oslo, he has revealed. Mr Stoltenberg said he had wanted to hear from real Norwegian voters and that taxis were one of the few places where people shared their true views.

A Special Kind of Loo

donderdag, januari 10th, 2013

Every year, the Norwegian government spends a lot of money for the maintenance of pipelines in the city of Oslo. Mostly, this is because citizens throw everything and anything in their toilets. To attack this problem, Oslo not only launched a website (, but also set up a special kind of abri to surprise the city… The city’s problem was showed on a public toilet, with a person sitting on top to make it extra real.