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Pedigree: Introducing the PEDIGREE Adoptable Facebook Mask

vrijdag, oktober 13th, 2017

Pedigree introduced the Pedigree Adoptable Mask — the first dog mask that is not just fun, but can also do some good.

Pedigree: A vote for good

maandag, november 7th, 2016

Hillary or Trump? The election brought out the worst out in the US. The country is very much divided, because people have to choose a side. But what do you think? Is there one thing supporters of either party can agree on? Watch this social experiment unfold. #AVoteForGood #FeedTheGood

Pedigree & Google: Found

vrijdag, april 17th, 2015

Dogs follow their noses – and sometimes that can lead them astray. But luckily, there’s Found, the real time lost dog app. Now if your dog goes missing, you can send out an instant online alert to everyone in the nearby area via Google’s digital ad network, for free. All thanks to Pedigree and Google.

Pedigree: Radio for Dogs

donderdag, oktober 2nd, 2014

Dogs often stay home alone, bored or stressed. Research showed that if you let on the radio for dogs when they’re home alone, they feel more relaxed. However they only hear ‘human radio’. Meet the K9FM from Pedigree, thé radio for dogs.