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Folktandvården: Zero cavitites

maandag, maart 6th, 2017

Zero cavities is a campaign where Folktandvården, the public dental service in Stockholm, informs the citizens about their right to dental care. They took their vision to the city of Stockholm to see how people would react when holes are removed from where people are accustomed to find them.

Burger King: Happy Halloween

dinsdag, november 1st, 2016

In New york a complete Burger King ‘dressed up’ as their competitor McDonald’s. Not in the normal McDonald’s look, but it was a real Halloween transformation. The Burger King was covered with a white sheet with eyeholes which looked like a real spoke. On the billboard stood the text “BOOOOOO! Just kidding, we still flame grill our burgers HAPPY HALLOWEEN”

GMC: Only For GMC

dinsdag, november 10th, 2015

Leo Burnett Detroit released their inner prankster to promote GMC’s new, professional certified service. “Only For GMC” involves eight hidden cameras, a hovercraft, a jetpack and a team of well informed, yet temporarily confused certified service experts.

Ford Mustang: Speed Dating

dinsdag, februari 17th, 2015

To promote its new 2015 Ford Mustang, American automaker Ford recently organized a speed dating prank for a few unsuspecting guys, offering them a chance to date a woman who happens to be a professional stunt driver.

Lenovo: Broken Laptop Prank

donderdag, november 27th, 2014

Lenovo has a new laptop called the ‘Yoga 3 Pro’, which is able to bend backwards. To promote the new product, Lenovo teamed up with comedian group UCB Comedy to prank unsuspecting individuals. These passers-by were in for a shock as the UCB Comedy team broke MacBooks in front of them as a means to further emphasize Yoga 3 Pro’s flexibility. Check out the video below to find out what happens:

Adidas: New Adidas Kit

vrijdag, juni 6th, 2014

Frank de Boer and his Ajax players were taken for a hilarious ride when kit manufacturers Adidas came in to run a few ‘ideas’ past them for next season’s new kit. However, neither De Boer, nor players Siem de Jong, Daley Blind or Jasper Cillessen were particularly impressed with the tulip or lion designs supplied by the actor playing an Adidas representative. Manager De Boer huffed and puffed quite politely through the process before revealing his fear that the lion shirt may mean opponents would not take his side seriously. Luckily the stunt was soon revealed as one big joke, much to the relief of all concerned. See the fantastic prank below:

An Amusing Prank That Transforms Chance Meetings Into Instant Dates

dinsdag, maart 4th, 2014

On Valentine’s Day, Prankster Stuart Edge already collaborated with the acapella group Vocal Point to bring joy to people during the season of love. No he came up with a new prank, where he turns a chance meeting into an instant date. Banding together with friends, Edge has managed to bring magic into daily life—the props like restaurant dishes and a potted plant make these impromptu dates well-orchestrated and amusing. While many of these participants were good sports, some of the shyer ones managed to escape. Edge, however, took this in his stride. How do you think these dates went? Watch this prank in action below.

DHL: Trojan Mailing

vrijdag, februari 21st, 2014

Logistics company DHL pulled a clever prank on its competitors and had them advertise for the company for free. The “Trojan Mailing” prank used large boxes that were painted with temperature-activated ink that turned black when exposed to sub-zero temperatures. DHL then hired its competitors like UPS and TNT to pick up these boxes to have them delivered to addresses that were difficult to find. Over time, the boxes eventually warmed up, revealing a hidden message on the front saying “DHL is faster”. The delivery person from the other companies had no choice but to deliver the ‘Trojan’ boxes, advertising the message to everyone who walked past them.

Yovis Viaggio: The Great Escape

maandag, december 23rd, 2013


Yovis Viaggio is an anti-diarrhea medicine that made itselve known to the public in a guerrilla-wise manner. They transformed the bathroom of Malpensa airport into a maze. Once a person enters the toilet a team of people was ready to change the structure with the addition of fake walls and false doors.

Don’t Drink and Drive Prank

woensdag, december 11th, 2013

This new don’t-drink-and-drive-prank popped up recently… What do you think? Fake or real? I need a drink!